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Bambi Meets Godzilla

April 21, 2012


Now that’s it’s spring and I’m surveying the massive damage to my vegetation and gardens, it’s time for my annual “I Hate Deer” post! Yay!

To start off this year’s festivities, I present to you a marvelous short film, Bambi Meets Godzilla.

I first saw this video more than 30 years ago! I was flabbergasted to see it on YouTube. We kids were around the television set when this little film came on sometime in the late 70s? I think it was done by a university student, as a school project? Can’t remember. It was on TV one fine Saturday afternoon. My brothers and I and my very little sister were watching it. Oh the sweet, lilting music! The adorable and soft sylvan setting! The innocent little fawn munching on my future hostas forest foliage!

All of sudden, HERE COMES GODZILLA! Impending doom.

The boys and I (quite the tomboy) rolled on the floor, laughing. My young sister, however, was aghast and shouted out in distress. For some reason, we all thought her angst was hilarious, too, and laughed even harder. It was tough being a girl in our family.

I never forgot that video. I even told my kids about it. Imagine my surprise to find it on YouTube!! I gathered them around the computer like a mother hen with her chicks, pressed the “Full Screen” key and turned up the volume. With swelling anticipation, I awaited their hilarious laughter.

The video ended.


“Oh Mom’s so sadistic,” a daughter rolled her eyes. The other kids were quiet.

WHAT?!?! I think it’s cool.

Deer eat my gardens, they eat my trees, they poop in my lawn, they wreck all my hard work!!! Cheers to Godzilla. šŸ™‚ Muahahahhaaha.

So who are you rooting for?

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A Special Find the Kitty Video

April 23, 2010


Find the Kitty Friday

I had previously mentioned (somewhere on one of my blogs) that Livvy is getting smarter and smarter. One of the little tricks she’s learned is to open the door.

After dinnertime, when the kids are assigned chores (feeding the outside animals, emptying the compost bucket, etc), Livvy turns on her sneaky mode, and tries to sneak out the door as the kids are opening and closing it. She’s such a pest about it that the kids now place her in our front entry room, a small room with two French doors. These doors have the original 1855 thumb latches for door handles. Livvy has figured out how to press the latch and open the door. I finally got her on video. I hope you enjoy it! We sure did!

Of course, the only problem now is keeping her contained during chore time. I suppose we could place a chair in front of the door…. until she figures out how to move that, too…. she’s mighty cute– and I suspect she may use her charms to bamboozle one of us (namely, me!) to open the door as soon as she starts whining…

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Tree Cutting FAILs

January 21, 2010

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Ouch ouch ouch! We saw these, and ooo they made us cringe! I’ve taken down a few trees in the past– hint: use ropes! VERY long ropes, people!

Well this guy used ropes… but he used them the WRONG way!

Oh, and if you have a nice car… why not move it FAR FAR away before you cut your tree down?

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How To Win a Bet Every Time…

September 17, 2009

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Got some extra nails laying around after that remodeling project? I found this video and it is amazing! LOL!!! How to balance ten nails on one nail head. Very cool!

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Great Home Videos from CNY Open House

April 9, 2009

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I discovered a great YouTube page, stocked with videos, from a local organization, CNY Open House. It’s a local home improvement TV show here in Central New York (CNY), but since I don’t have TV, I have never seen the programs. So the website of videos showing clips of the TV shows is a great resource for me. I especially liked this video, showing the basic in’s and out’s of waterproofing a basement.

We have a LOT of water here in Central New York, because this area is the lowest geographic point in the state– one great big valley between the Adirondacks and Allegheny/Catskills. I have suffered flooding on my property for years. I found this video to be very enlightening.

The stuff at the CNY website isn’t just for New Yorkers– you folks in other states may glean a lot of good information and learn some new techniques. I suggest you check it out! I know that I’ll be busy for the rest of the afternoon, watching all the videos!

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