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Doors, Boring Old Doors

December 13, 2012

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One of my earliest memories is walking though a beaded curtain in a doorway. I must have been about 2 or 3 years old. We’d gone to Florida to visit an aunt and I remember walking through one of the doorways in the house that was strung with long strands of pink, plastic beads. I was enraptured and walked through the doorway many times. The beads made a tinkling, snappy sound that appealed to me, enough to make me remember the experience years later. I’d never seen anything like it before.

Of course, today we’d consider hanging strands of plastic beads a choking hazard for young children. Back when I was a kid, I guess kids didn’t put things in their mouths as much and we had no choking hazard warning labels. It was tough back then, I tell ya.

I’m remembering those beads just because one of our doors fell off its hinges. AGAIN. This is the fourth door in this house to do that. The wood (hemlock) frames around the doors are so old and so soft that that old (solid wood) doors just give up the ghost after a while. We managed to screw that sucker back onto the frame but it wasn’t easy. It’s just a matter of time until another door decided to jump ship…

If I had a more contemporary (or eclectic) style home, I would consider beads in the doorways, yes indeedy. Well, today it’s more likely to hang something like PVC Strip Curtains or something, for informal areas (such as doorways leading into a game room or teen’s closet or the garage). No choking hazard. The stuff allows heat to pass through, too. You’ve probably seen them in the car wash or at automotive shops, but those are rather ugly, if you ask me. You can get them in a few colors and in varying widths today. My teenaged son would probably LOVE black curtains for his room. He’s at that age where black is “in.” Pink is such a nice color and I told him so, but he won’t believe me. 😉

Anyway, the PVC thing is interesting. Would you ever install something like that in your home? I might in a garage where such a curtain would block dust and automotive smells but still allow warmth between the rooms…. but I’d have to get an attached garage first, yeah. That’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

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Bifold Doors Are a Big Deal

December 12, 2011


Does it drive you nuts when framed pictures and other things are crooked? I used to be compulsively straightening things around the house, but mysteriously, everything always just went *tilt* as soon as I turned my back. I finally gave in about a year ago, after wearing myself out for almost two decades, haha!!

I took this photo and it just reminds me of the futility of having anything “straight” in an old house. LOL


That, my dear friends, is our new bifold door! Oh hey– it may not look like much, it’s definitely not as glamorous as a new clawfoot tub with shiny brass fixtures… but it’s MINE. And it’s FINALLY in the doorway. I’ve been waiting to have a bifold door here for… oh, just 15 years or so. Finally got it up.

Throw the confetti, I’m having a party. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a wonderful chain of events! Maybe we can get that 1.6 gallon toilet installed upstairs, ya think? It’s been taking up space in its box in the garage for over two years now….

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Choose Your Door

December 12, 2008

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I have to say, I just love those interactive websites where you can choose various styles, shapes, and colors for things for your home, and test them with your own photo or an automated version. Home design and construction has come such a long way. How about a fancy online Door Designer? This is a cool site, hosted by Masonite, one of the premier door manufacturers in the business. I have several Masonite doors in the house, and I LOVE them.

Door Prize

You can see from the photo above that the online door designer helps choose the perfect door. You first choose your door design. There are just so many options that this took a while for me to do. There are interior, entry, and patio doors to choose from– dozens of styles! Once you manage to harness that option, you progress to door style and loads of other options, like color, height of the door, glass design, finish, and more. The neatest tool of all is the ability for you to upload your own photo of your home and view the different types of doors and how they would look in your home. It’s pretty impressive software. And it’s all free to use! Who’d have thought we could come to this point in design, where you can mix and match and preview such components of your home from the comfort of your home? Pretty cool.

Keep this site bookmarked!

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