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Our Dishwasher Dream…

September 16, 2010


…came true!

A little background: We are a family of six. For over a year, I babysat several kids, making it TEN people to cook for, and to clean for. Imagine the humungous stacks of dishes we had to wash every single day. We couldn’t renovate the kitchen at that time, and there was no room in the kitchen to shoehorn a dishwasher. We washed and washed and washed by hand.

My kids prayed and prayed for a dishwasher, prayed and prayed for a kitchen renovation…

Ladies and gentlemen— I’d like to introduce to you—-


Our new baby!

We went without a kitchen sink for over a week before getting this in (the kids were washing dishes in the bathtub!). The first night The Hubs rigged it up, the kids and I grabbed the chairs and placed them in a circle around the kitchen. You’d think we were gearing up to buy gold coins or something! We switched it on, and — GLORIOUSLY — the machine started. It WASHED the DISHES! What a monumental moment!!!

Yeah, I’m a little exuberant. If you had to wash mounds of dirty dishes in a bathtub, you’d be a little excited, too, I’ll bet. šŸ˜€

I purposely purchased the cheapest dishwasher I could find, online. It’s a HotPoint. No fancy buttons, no fancy doodads, no special heating element. It’s a super-simple barebones machine. I had heard some stories about folks spending several hundred dollars on fancier models, only to have the fancy models croak quickly. Those electronic panels on the fancy models seems to fry very easily. That makes sense– the dishwasher generates a lot of heat with water, creating steam. Water is the enemy of electronics…

Anyway, there’s only one option on this machine: WASH. There is a toggle switch for heated dry or not, too. We tried both, and the heated dry does dry the dishes a little faster. The kids want to use it, so it’s fine with me.

I LOVE MY DISHWASHER. Glory to God, our prayers are answered. o/

By the way, here’s a frugal tip for keeping your dishwasher in tip-top shape: instead of using commercially-made rinse-cycle liquids, use white vinegar. It will keep the dishes spotless and squeaky clean, while at the same time keeping mineral deposits from clogging the inside.

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Dishwashers With Too Many Buttons

January 9, 2010


To keep the budget very trim for our kitchen renovation, I’m going to stick with the appliances I have. They are older, but are in good shape and I see no need to waste money on new ones when I am in desperate need of new plumbing and electrical! I’m at the point right now where I DON’T CARE whether I can afford new cabinets– I’ll use tables and stack dishes on those! But I MUST have new plumbing, electrical, and insulation. My kitchen is so unworkable that modern electricity, proper lighting, and a drain that works is luxury to me!!

One appliance I will make room for is a dishwasher. For a time, I was washing dishes by hand for TEN people, three times a day. It was pretty rough, especially with my plumbing the way it is! I have longed for a dishwasher for many years, and I hope to get one this time.

So I’m looking around at dishwashers. I haven’t operated one since I was a girl, for (OMG) 28 years!!!! Yes, people, THAT’S how long I’ve been starved for a dishwasher! That was back in the days when we read books, walked to the library or school, and used a corded rotary phone to talk to people. Wow. I feel so old.

Anyway, the “new” models puzzle me. Must they be so complex? I remember when dishwashers had three settings: wash, rinse, dry. I don’t know where to begin with these new-fangled monsters. I don’t even think I can read such tiny print anymore. Look at all those choices!


That monster looks like it also cooks eggs, will do my banking, and provide my life insurance lead. Hm, on second thought, maybe it’s not too bad…. haha

Seriously– do you ladies with dishwashers have these kinds with all the buttons? Do you make use of all those buttons and doodads? I’m a simple lady with simple needs. How many different ways can a dish be washed, anyway? Are the more complicated dishwashers truly better than the “wash, rinse, dry” models? Things sure have changed in 30 years….

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