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Just Sew Busy

August 30, 2012


Blogging has really taken a back seat this summer, hasn’t it? Well, it usually does for me. Summers are when I have to cram in all the house projects on top of all the other stuff I do.

We’ve been very busy working on redecorating the living room. I am happy to say that I think i may finally get my curtain drapes done tonight. The boys are very much relieved, as they are the ones who hang the sheets in the windows every night. :S

As always, Livvy likes to join in on the projects. She’s so cute, it’s difficult to boot her out.


My built-in bookcase projects has slowed considerably. It’s a large project and I’m not the type to do a little here, a little there when I can squeeze things in. I need a big chunk of time to get it all done. I haven’t had any chunks of time lately. Hopefully, next week I’ll dedicate my efforts to it. We are all so tired of seeing the piles of books and boxes around the house!

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Cat Pheromone Spray – Does It Really Work?

August 23, 2012


We love our pets, right? So why do we turn red-eyed and start foaming at the mouth when the blasted critters destroy the house? Furniture and carpets are MIGHTY expensive. The reason I threw my two previous housecats out of the house was because they scratched, clawed and destroyed everything. That $500 wallpaper in the hallway? It’s in ribbons. The $300 reclining wing chair and $200 love seat? In tatters. Every my fake-suede desk chair is pocked with claw and teeth marks. Why is it so darn difficult for the cats to restrain themselves to the scratching posts?!

Livvy our Tabby-Point Siamese is not nearly as destructive as the tabby cats were, but she is still a champion scratcher. comfort1She’s the one who has marked up my desk chair and she’s starting to eye the new love seat, too. I won’t get the cats declawed, just because I read that cats walk on their tiptoes (their claws) and it’s mean to take that away. So I endure. Barely.

I’ve heard about this cat pheromone stuff, but honestly, I treated the news like it was just another one of those “infomercial” type of products. It sounded too good to be true.

I THINK — I just possibly think!!! — that I have found something that works! It’s called Comfort Zone® with Feliway. A month ago, ComfortZone sent me several samples of their Feliway diffuser and sprayer products. They also included a few cute stuffed animals for Livvy– sweet! I’ve been trying them out for about 3, 4 weeks now. I actually have started to notice a difference in Livvy.

First, we tried the diffuser. It plugs into the electrical outlet and is good for one month. There is no discernible odor.



It takes a while for the stuff to have an effect. Livvy is by nature a sweet-tempered kitty, but she’d been going through a rough time and had been pretty grumpy all spring and summer. I don’t know if it coincidence or not, but about 2 weeks after I plugged in the diffuser, she’s been so much better!

But the real test came with the spray. I did not want her to shred the love seat. So I saturated the couch with the spray! The directions say that to prevent or stop scratching, spray the Comfort Zone® Feliway once a day over the area. I did it last week.


I’m incredulous. She actually used her scratching post!


Does she look like her stress levels are down, or what?

Here’s the scoop about the Comfort Zone® with Feliway:

  • Comfort Zone® products not only help reduce scratching, they helps reduce urine marking, spraying and other destructive behavior. The product contains pheromones, the same hormones that your cat makes and rubs all over things when she nuzzles things with her face.
  • Comfort Zone® says that most pet owners see a 96% reduction in urine marking within 4 weeks and 95% reduction in scratching in 7 days.
  • Because the product contains the stress-reducing hormones that cats produce, Comfort Zone® Feliway helps reduce all kinds of stress-related behavior. Besides reducing the scratching-everything-in-site behavior, Comfort Zone® also helps reduce cat spraying, urine marking, frightful hissing, and other stress-related behavioral problems.
  • The spray bottle is small– perfect for traveling. To help calm the pet before a visit to the vet or other car trip, spray the Comfort Zone® Feliway in the carrier about 20 minutes before the cat goes in. It makes the trip much better!
  • Comfort Zone® products are clinically-proven and veterinarian-recommended for helping reduce stress in pets!

Now if you have a dog, don’t despair. Comfort Zone® makes a product for canines, too: Comfort Zone® with D.A.P. for Dogs. Instead of stuffing the dog in one of those Thundershirts, try the D.A.P. stuff first. The spray is great for helping puppies transition to a new home, and helps reduce whining, chewing and other stress-related problems.

You can check out both products at the Comfort Zone® website. Just so you know, I did get some free samples in exchange for this review. I think I got the better end of the deal because the product has saved my love seat.

By the way, about those housecats I threw out of the house… They’re OK so don’t start crying. They became “outdoor” cats and sleep in heated cushy cat cubes in the basement and the garage. They eat canned tuna and get Temptations treats, vet visits, and are regularly furminated. Some days, I envy their posh lifestyle, haha.

Thanks for reading!

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Tame the Savage Beast: Do Cat Pheromones Work?

July 12, 2012

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As we all know, Livvy the Tabby-Point Siamese is a pretty tame little gal. I’ve made sure that her upbringing was as stress-free as possible, as I believe that stressed-out cats become angry cats, and I didn’t want a biter or a scratcher in the house. Still, despite my best efforts, Livvy is still a bit spooked by traffic noises, super-low airplanes (WHY do they do that?!), strangers, and oversized Uncle Sam hats.


I’d heard of something called “cat pheromones” and “dog pheromones” dispensers that supposedly help calm the critters. I thought nothing more of it until Comfort Zone contacted me and asked if I wanted a free sample to try out their product and if I wanted to offer a free coupon to you guys. Seeing we are all a bunch of crazy pet owners, I said YES!

So I’m going to get my Feliway Comfort Zone product and see if it works! You have to wait 30 to 90 days until you really know if it works, so it’ll be a while before I can present my results. However, if you guys want to check out the coupon, you can do so here:

I know many of you have feral cats, and these cats can be a tad jumpy. I am very curious to see if the product works. Livvy is mild already, so I don’t know if the affect will be as dramatic for a crazy feral beast. If you do try such a product yourself, let me know!

Also, the company has a Facebook page and they are having a CoolCat Sweepstakes. They have weekly prizes but the grand prize is a FOUR night getaway for two PLUS a cat or dog to one of the country’s most pet-friendly travel destinations in Key West, Florida! Um, YEAH. What could be more perfect than a vacay with the hubs and my cat in Key West. Wow.

Have any of you guys tried the pheromone thing?

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Cricket Bug

June 5, 2012


Gee, Livvy gets all the air time on this blog. Well, she’s MY companion, and the other cat and the dogs and the bird are the kids’ pets. Funny how all the pets love the Mom, though. They are all nuts about me. I suppose it’s because I am the “meal ticket.”

Here’s our cutie Yorkie, Cricket. We sometimes call him Cricket Bug. He’s as cute as one in a rug!

Cricket Towel

Yorkies are adorable, but they are, um, energetic. That’s an understatement. They are MANIACAL. But they are so cute and they are never mean or ornery. Always sweet and perky. They do tend to get constipation, however, which is why Cricket Bug there is wrapped in a towel after a long, long sitz bath. We’re all glad that’s over, especially my daughter who did most of the grunt work. To prevent constipation in small dogs, give them a teaspoon of canned fresh pumpkin a day. Yeah. I gotta get that.

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Fuzzy Masters the Art of Relaxation

May 30, 2012


Can this cat relax or what?


All she did was rub his shoulders, and he melts into a bag o’ fluff.

I don’t often talk about Fuzzy because he’s an outdoor cat and because he hasn’t hung out around the house very much during the day, until recently. Our other outdoor cat, Milo, died about a year ago and since then, Fuzzy hangs out with us more often. Fuzzy and Milo hated each other. They barely tolerated each other’s presence on the property, and we always had to have two separate beds and foods in separate locations. But since Milo is gone, Fuzzy is oddly lonely! I think he liked the excitement. :-p

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Review of Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats

May 22, 2012

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I don’t often talk of him because he’s the shy, retiring type– our “outdoor” cat, Fuzzy. Fuzzy is all tabby, so he never comes in the house. We do have a nice little apartment for him in the basement, however, which is where he stays during the night. Because he is an outdoor cat, I can’t have him in the house. I am horribly allergic to fleas. I swell up and my glands go beserk. Fuzzy is a very affectionate cat, though, so he loves to sit on our laps and sleep on our fabric-covered patio furniture. A part of me dies when he does that… I envision a brigade of razor-teethed fleas marching from his fur onto our clothing. It’s not that I don’t want to cuddle him, it’s just that I know he has fleas and ticks just from his exploits in the tall grasses (and from befriending raccoons).

We’ve tried Frontline, which is “OK.” It’s pretty expensive and the applicator stinks. I usually wind up with more on my hands than on the cat. And Fuzzy has this vicious aversion to ANYTHING that remotely resembles a vet tool.

Well, the folks from Adams have seen my pitiful position, and took mercy on me. They sent me their new Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats. It has a fancy applicator. Fuzzy is blissfully unaware what’s about to happen! Muahahhaa!!


It’s wonderfully easy to do. I was actually amazed at how easy. I am the kind of person who *hates* giving cats any kind of vet care– pills, meds, grabbing them by the scruff and stuffing them in carriers– it just goes against my sensibilities. But I actually thought the applicator tool was pretty easy.


You pop the plastic liquid tube into the plastic applicator. No need to tear the tube open, no scissors, nothing. Just put it in.


Then, bend the applicator top over. The action will snap open the tube! I loved this. I didn’t get ONE DROP on my hands.


That’s it. Now go rub and squeeze the stuff on the back of the cat’s neck.



Fuzzy thought nothing of it, he figured I was just scritching his neck like I usually do. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t run away! I was even able to take a PHOTO while doing it. Unbelievable. If you have feral cats or outdoor cats, you know what I mean– these cats don’t like NOTHING. They’ll run away of they even suspect you of trying to help them. But the applicator has this small lip that probably feels pretty good, like a back massager. What cat ever ran away from a massage?

All done!

The Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats says it kills fleas (YAY), deer ticks (YAY), flea eggs, flea larvae, and mosquitos. It also has a natural coat conditioner. The application must be repeated every 30 days. Don’t do this more than once a month, and MAKE SURE you get the proper potency according to your cat’s weight. There’s Adams Spot On for dogs, too.

It’s also affordable. I saw a 3-month supply of liquid tube refills on sale at Wayfair for $10. Walmart carries this stuff, as does Petco and others.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the product. And Fuzzy is, too, because now he can snuggle all he wants without me grimacing at him.

Note: I received a free sample of this product for this review. My opinion on the product is 100% mine. It is not intended to substitute any professional advice or opinions from your pet’s veterinarian. Before applying this product to your pet, consult your vet. Never apply this product to weakened, sick, or very young cats. Thanks for reading!

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Find the Kitty Friday: Spring Cleaning

April 27, 2012


I love hard work. I could watch it ALL DAY!






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Find the Kitty Friday

December 30, 2011


My daughter snapped this on her cell phone. Where could that skulking kitty be?! She’s doing it rite! LOL


Well, another year is winding down. I haven’t been thinking of any thoughts on renovation lately until about a month ago. It was about that time that I really “let” my desk “go.” I have always been a neatnick with a super-tidy desk, but I’ve been SO SO busy the past few months (since October, really) that my desk is a SHAME. A cryin’ shame. I even took a photo for you to see how bad it is. lol


The desk is actually one of the best ones I’ve ever had, The thing is solid wood, an old teacher’s desk from the 1940s. But it’s not exactly computer-compatible, as you can see. I just juggle way too much stuff on this desk, and with all the paperwork for the home business, I’ve run out of places to put things.

Which leads me back to thinking about renovation again. I’m going to create a built-in bookshelf and desk system in the living room. We have tons of books, most of them in boxes, still! I think my living room will look beautiful with some elegant shelves and a nice tidy area to work. I’ve ordered a few base cabinets and am waiting for them to arrive. Once they finally do, construction begins. I will have to reroute one wall sconce light and make a bit of a mess with the existing furniture, but we can handle it. I think I’ve finally got a vision for the room. It will probably take us about a year to or more to finish it, as it also involves removing an existing gas heater and installing a gas fireplace to a more central part of the room. Because a large portion of this room is my “home office,” I can deduct some of the expenses on my taxes. Thank God.

Anyway, I’ll have more updates about this later. I intend on building my own shelves from wood, so the project will certainly take some time. But when it’s done, it will look and function SO MUCH better. And the new shelves will give Livvy all sorts of amazing new places to hide!

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Domestic Cat Climbs Blue Mountain

September 27, 2011


I wonder if Livvy is the first cat to ever climb Blue Mountain, in the Adirondack Mountain range of New York State? Our climb was quite the adventure! The mountain rises about 3700 feet into the atmosphere, and the views are incredible. The climb, however, is rather laborious. Livvy could only get so far.

Livvy Climbing 1

She wanted to stop constantly, to smell the balsam fir and ferns. These were new smells for her.

Livvy Climbing 2

Some of the trails were pretty rough.

Livvy Climbing 3

After over 2 hours of hiking (and being carried in a cat carrier some of the way), Livvy stopped. She was probably 20 minutes from the summit, but the climbing was very intense and I didn’t feel comfortable hauling her carrier up such a steep incline (and back down again). I was afraid one of the guys would slip and Livvy would go tumbling down the incline. Also, Livvy had had very little water and I didn’t want her to continue climbing. So we stayed put on the trail and waited while the family reached the peak.

We Quit

While we waited, several other groups of climbers passed us by. Each one of them exclaimed about Livvy— “Well, that’s a new thing!” ‘OH, what a beautiful cat!” Livvy got lots of attention. I really think she may be the first domestic cat up Blue Mountain! 😀 It was good to get away from home, away from the hustle and bustle of work and the city and news about the economy and all that stuff. Livvy ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Adirondacks. We came home a week later, and she was disappointed—- I think she thought we were going to live there! Ah, if only!

If you want to read more about our climb and see some spectacular photos of the views from the summit, you can read my article about our adventure, on my New York Travel blog.

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Find the Kitty Friday: What’s Mine Is Mine…

September 2, 2011


…and what’s yours is mine, too.

Livvy Milk

Livvy! I was going to drink that! 😐

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