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Transitioning from Stay-at-Home Mom to Healthcare Professional

November 17, 2014

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Once the kids have gone to grade school, some stay-at-home moms decide to return to the workforce. Returning to a job after being away can seem daunting, but it’s very possible with the right preparation. If you were a healthcare professional, like a nurse, and you’re looking to start up your career again, here are a few tips to jumpstart your journey.

Research the Industry

When you go back to work, practices, patient care, and data implementation will have changed. Depending on how long it’s been since you worked in the healthcare industry, the changes may be small or they may be significant. Prepare for this by doing research. Ask your friends who still work in healthcare what has changed, or brush up online to make sure you don’t need to get any new certifications or training.

Consider Online Class

If you want to change careers or give yourself a leg up when reentering the work force, online class is a great place to start. You may just want to take one or two so you’re current with the industry, or you may want to go in for a whole new degree. If you’re a nurse, try looking at online DNP programs. A new degree can help jumpstart your career or change your employment direction after time away from nursing.

Prepare for the Interview

Going to a job interview is nerve-wracking for everyone. Learn about the job and the company before entering the interview. Prepare for questions relating to your time spent away from the workforce. Demonstrate current knowledge of the industry and clear reasons for wanting to return to healthcare. Project confidence, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about the job or the company when the time comes. Remember not to be discouraged, either. The job market may be a little tougher than you remember, but the right preparation and perseverance will take you far.

Try Telecommuting

Perhaps going back to an office or a hospital doesn’t sound appealing. Medical transcription, consulting, data entry, and management over the phone are all possibilities. Some jobs will require you to come in for a few days a week and allow you to telecommute for the rest. Oftentimes, positions organizing case files or working with patient data can be done from home, so check the job postings for your local hospital and clinics.

Make Family Time

Your kids are probably in school all day now, and with a new job, it might feel like you go from seeing your family all the time to not seeing them enough. Sit down with your family and set aside family time. Perhaps a family outing every Saturday afternoon, or two nights a week when everyone is home for dinner. 
Before you start applying for jobs, decide whether you want full-time or part-time work, and consider the logistics of transportation as well. Change can be hard, but just remember why you loved your healthcare job in the first place, and reignite a passion for disease prevention or patient care.

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