Cabin Fever Daydreaming

March 1, 2014

The Crazies

I know I’m speaking to most of the folks in the United States when I say this has been one long winter. I love this season, but when even I am sick of the brutal winds from the Arctic Circle and the never-ending trickle of lake effect snow from the Great Lakes, you KNOW it’s been long in tooth. Yeah, time for some sunshine, wouldn’t you say?

I usually don’t start my renovation daydreaming this early, but desperation has set in. In the past, we have always done some kind of major renovation project every other year. This is the year, if we are to do things as scheduled… but I’m not quite sure I can manage it. I’m still paying off the kitchen/dining room/insulation/electric renovation from 2010. That baby was expensive. The final projects won’t be as costly or intensive as all we have left to do is insulate and electrify the upstairs, gut and replace walls, and install flooring. But it will still take a large chunk out of my budget, that’s for sure.

We also would like to increase the living space in the house by converting the garage to a family room or bunch of bedrooms or utility rooms (not sure yet). The back door (which has not worked in years) would be the perfect spot for a huge glass door set and a pergola outside. Something like that is too large a DIY project for us, so I have been puttering around reading BuildDirect reviews and etc (check out their Facebook page, too). I’d also like to take advantage of the cathedral ceiling in there. What acoustics it could have!!! Alas, all a dream thus far.

But more practical things await us. Like replacing the original 1855 bedroom doors that no longer work. And ripping out the horrid 1970s linoleum flooring and installing warm carpeting upstairs.

Again, all dreams for now. Lord willing, I can pay off the kitchen loan and then FINALLY finish this place.

And by then, we’ll probably be ready to sell. :-p

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