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Find the Kitty Friday, Again!

November 10, 2013


Betcha it will take you a minute.


Did you find her?

By the way, did you happen to notice my beee-yoo-teeful bookshelves? I can’t remember if I bragged about them on this blog or on the social networks *blush* but we are so very happy they actually turned out OK! Miracles do happen!! And we still have all our fingers and toes AND sanity!

Bookcases done

They add so much value to the room. We had to up our insurance recently because of our improvements we’ve made. And we also got a nice new set of appliances not too long ago (my 20-year old washer bit the dust). I didn’t opt for any kind of appliance warranty but after checking out the Choice Home Warranty profile on, I may rethink that. Appliances are scathingly expensive and they just aren’t built like they once were. What say you? Do you have appliance insurance?

It’s good to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors before starting any new projects. This winter we will relax and plan for possibly some major new expeditions on the house. And I’m sure Livvy will love the new hiding places we’ll be making! LOL

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Winter Cleaning Prep: Tips For a Sparkly, Holiday Home!

November 7, 2013

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This post brought to you by North American Property Services. All opinions are 100% mine.

Winter is here, and it’s a great time to do some deep cleaning to help keep your home germ-free. North American Property Services, one of the top janitorial service companies in the United States, has ten key tips for cleaning your home this winter:

1. Be extra careful about hand washing with soap so you do not spread germs from room to room.

2. Routinely disinfect high touch areas such as door handles, TV remotes, and keyboards for all devices, such as tablets and laptops. Don’t forget all of your phones, including the landline and cell phones.

3. Dust carries germs and grime, so wiping down with disinfecting solutions will not only make your house cleaner, but it will remove germs that can cause the common cold and flues. Look for places that dust settles, such as fan blades, window ledges, and walls to wipe away germs. Don’t forget to clean your light bulbs, which has the added benefit of brightening the house on these short winter days. Another thing to clean is the dust balls under furniture and in the corners of floors.

4. Dust more often, as your heating system circulates dust, dirt and germs.

5. Keep mops handy to dry-mop floors regularly, especially around high-traffic areas of the house.

6. On warmer days, clean interior windows, another germ collector in your house.

7. Deep clean your carpets every year to eliminate grime and germs. A good time of year to do this is after the holidays so any spills from your holiday celebrations will be washed away.

8. Scrub the grout in your bathroom with a powerful disinfectant to remove germs that spread between family members.

9. Take your shoes off at the door. Think about all the places you walk and the germs that hitch hike into your home. Taking your shoes off will greatly reduce indoor pollutants.

10. The best winter floor care program is to continue to clean and maintain floor surfaces with extra mopping and scrubbing around the entryways.

Also, the holidays are right around the corner, can you believe it? And we are gearing up for more than 5 months indoors. I think that one of the best things you can do for your home is get it ALL clean before company comes and the winter doldrums set in. I usually finish all my projects and scrub the house from top to bottom during late October and early November. It's just a great feeling, having the house sparkly clean. And I don't need to worry about having company over and seeing a dirty house. I don't know about you, but I rest a little easier during the winter when I know the house is clean! And if you have pets, it's even more important to maintain a clean and healthy home.

If you haven't hit the floors or bookshelves yet, check out the NAPSI website for loads of resources. They KNOW their cleaning stuff, let me tell you. You can also check them out on social networks: on Twitter @NAPS_Inc and on Facebook.


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