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Find the Kitty Friday!

October 25, 2013


It’s cooooooold. So where do you think she could be?!


Look a little closer.


Ah! Yes, of course!




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Harvesting Apples

October 12, 2013

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Am I the only one who finds grocery store produce bland? For years, I never noticed how bland and uninteresting that shelf-laden stuff is until I planted my own stuff. I just ate it (or my dad forced me to eat it!) and thought nothing of it.

But what a difference your own produce makes!

Homegrown apples

These are apples we collected from our “small” apple tree. They are the Jonathan variety. It’s taken the tree forever to grow, because it’s been outright warfare, beating back the herds of deer that annually chowed down on the tree. But that little tree kept growing, kept trying to keep enough bark and leaves to produce something.


And now the house smells like apples. Oh, my goodness. Have you ever smelled freshly picked apples before??? It’s good. They say the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, hahah! I’m so glad I planted my apple trees. The fruit is mighty scraggly because we also have to contend with the wasps and bunnies and fruit flies as well as the deer, but it looks like there is finally enough fruit for all to share.

And once we peel the skin and sink our teeth into the sweet flesh… it’s simply wonderful. What a difference from the grocery aisle!

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Bookcases – DONE!

October 11, 2013


And thus finalizes my living room magnus opus: the 17-foot-long, 9-foot-high sets of bookcases made of oak. Voila!

Bookcases done

It’s my first *real* carpentry project. There were a number of bumps along the way and it took me a full year to finally complete everything… but it’s done! And you can probably see that I still don’t have enough room to hold all my books. Some of the smaller collections are stacked doubly. But it’s done and we are thrilled. It really adds incredible architectural interest to the room.

I also installed my cornice boxes (more on that later).

I’m eager to finish up a few more smaller projects that remain undone since 2011 (after we gutted the downstairs and redid the kitchen). There are still areas of trim work to be done…. it just never ends, does it?

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Creating Unique Interior Environments With Real Estate Developer Stephen Finfer

October 11, 2013

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Stephen Finfer has made a name for himself in the Los Angeles housing market by creating unique living spaces that reflect the most current trends and ideas in the interior design industry.

Finfer incorporates cutting-edge designs and added touches to produce one-of-a-kind residential options for an elite customer base in the L.A. area. Here are seven current design trends to help homeowners achieve the same results in their own homes.


The warmth and elegance of brass provides a welcome touch of color throughout the home. Relegated to second-tier status for many years, the antique look of brass has now come back into vogue and can be spotted in lampstands, drawer pulls and many other applications in modern L.A. homes.

Functional Kitchen Spaces

The stark, barren landscapes of the metal and marble kitchen have given way to rustic tiles, slate floors, wooden countertops and other functional elements to give a warm and welcoming look to the modern kitchen. Splashes of color and earth tones offer added visual appeal and allow the kitchen to be a gathering spot for families and friends throughout the year.

Lacquered Accessories

High gloss lacquers are increasingly popular as accents to walls, windows and other focal points throughout the home. When combined with the rich earth tones and vibrant hues in use by professional decorators, these accessories can shine even more. For added elegance, lacquered chests and screens can provide a classic look for libraries, living rooms and bedroom suites.

Vintage Chic

Ornate screens and dividers, brocade curtains and everything vintage is new once more. Mixing modern art with antique furniture can create a unique look and feel for homes in need of a remodel. Artisan furnishings are also popular: these hand-crafted works of art can spice up any interior design plan and offer one-of-a-kind beauty for L.A. homes.

Personal Art

While modern abstract art is popular among many L.A. trend setters, personal preferences should dictate the choice of art displayed in the home. Finding the right mix of old and new can create a fresh look for interior spaces. But the key to success in collecting and exhibiting artworks is in finding the pieces that speak to the individuals living in the home.

Primary Colors

Saturated shades of red, blue, green and yellow can generate visual interest throughout the home. Sticking to one integrated color scheme throughout the home, however, is recommended to create a cohesive theme and to provide a sense of unity in each room and living area.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

The warm and sunny climate of Los Angeles lends itself easily to outdoor entertaining. Creating livable spaces on patios, in garden areas and on decks is essential to make the most of the California sun and to create natural gathering spots both indoors and out.

Innovators like Stephen Finfer and others in the real estate industry are incorporating design trends like these into their residential properties and creating unique living spaces for discriminating buyers and renters in the L.A. housing market. By taking some cues from these design experts, homeowners can ensure the most modern and beautiful interior design for their own private residences.

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