Find the Kitty Friday and YES We Have Been Doing Something This Summer

September 5, 2013

exterior work, Find the Kitty

We got to a late start this summer. With me working, and some crazy things happening the past year, it seems that home renovation has taken a back seat. Make that a stash-in-the-trunk kind of seat. But it IS going on.

I’m finally getting around to patching the siding around the new kitchen window. Well, the kitchen window isn’t exactly new anymore. Remember that 2010 kitchen renovation? It was new then. And I, um, never finished patching the siding til this week. Heh heh.

By the way, can you “Find the Kitty” in this photo?

Fixing Siding

Yes, the house is suffering. I’ve completely neglected the back because the interior has needed so much work. We only have the downstairs completely done… I have such nice, neat little plans to finish the downstairs bathroom, gut and restore the upstairs bedrooms (they are still 1855-style with the original plaster and all), and then get to the siding and porches. But the house has other plans. It’s been clamoring for attention in areas that are NOT in my schedule!

The tub decided to spring a leak (blast those fiberglass cheapos!!!) and ruin the kitchen ceiling. The large garage door spring broke off and we have to manually haul the 100-pound door up and down whenever we want to get into the garage (there’s no “regular” entrance into the garage). The insurance company loudly complained about our “lack of siding” around the kitchen window — although we DO have plywood siding beneath the tar paper but they don’t care, all they see is tar paper so they think it’s just bare wood framing beneath, sigh. Add to the mix a myriad of other problems like flooding damage and the front porch sagging terribly due to excessive water and a washed-out foundation… tired yet?

SO as much as I would love to give the kids a summer vacation where they can play cool video games and play their guitars and keyboards all they want, I must be a meany mom and make them help me. I sometimes feel like the house is going to swallow me up. It’s SO needy. But I love the old thing and it gives me a chance to tinker and build stuff, which I love to do. I just wish it wasn’t so consuming and so durn expensive. I hope that by the time I finish all the “big” renovations, I’ll still be around to enjoy my labors!

What have you been doing this summer? Are you glad to see the season end?

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6 Responses to “Find the Kitty Friday and YES We Have Been Doing Something This Summer”

  1. Sparkle Says:

    The house we lived in before was like that – my human wanted to do all sorts of cool things to it, but it kept falling apart and she had to spend the money keeping it in one piece! Eventually we all moved (it was not her dream house anyhow – the one we live in is pretty close). The person who bought it from her wound up short selling it, and the owners after that one finally did all the work making the house awesome that my human had wanted to do. Well, except for the garage – that was still a wreck. How does my human know all this? She went to the open house when THOSE people sold it and saw!

    BTW, of course I saw Livvy right away!

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I think I see your cat looking out the window above the door.

  3. Secondary Rds Says:

    As I was nearing retirement, a friend (retired lawyer from Denver) told me, “Whatever you do don’t buy a fixer-upper house.” That was great advice. I watched and helped my father go through that with an older house.

  4. Marg Says:

    Yup we found Livy. Sounds like you have a lot or work ahead of you. Hope you can get it all done. Take care.

  5. Lin Says:

    There is only one place to find the kitty. šŸ™‚

  6. Rena Says:

    Oh Livvy, she is such an adorable little stinker! lol

    I am SO glad the humidity is gone as well!! I hate it! I love Fall but it seems to be getting too cold too fast. At least this week is going to be warmer.

    I love temps between 40-80 anything less or higher is intolerable for me. Well, if I had a choice to pick 10 degree weather or 90 degrees…. I would pick 10 degrees, because it involves no sweating! I sweat like crazy in the summer, its gross!

    We have a lot to do in our house as well but just like you, being so busy and time flying…things get pushed off to the side.

    Have a great rest of the week Becky!!