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Find the Kitty: Too Smart For Her Own Good

June 10, 2013


My cat is smart. Too smart. Well, maybe ALL cats are this smart, but my previous cats must have all been lugnuts because Lizzy is, in my estimation, brilliant.

I’ve told you before how she figured out how to open our 1800’s-style latched French door (and made a video to prove it). I decided to make another little video of Livvy figuring out how to get into our “firebox.”

Our “firebox” is a small, boxed extension off the living room wall. I built it to house a gas log fireplace (when we get one). The gas line is all set up and everything, and we cut a small access panel into the side of the box. We haven’t made a door for the panel yet.

Unfortunately, Livvy likes to slip through the panel hole into the firebox. I don’t like her going in there because I don’t want her to get into trouble, seeing there’s a gas line and valve in there. When she hops in, I scold her to get out but she just gives me the stink eye.

So the husband cut a piece of cardboard to temporarily keep her out. He placed the garbage can in front of the cardboard, for good measure.

But Livvy will not be thwarted!


She’s unbelievable. And did you notice how she turned around inside the hole and looked out at us, blinking cutely?

What a cat.

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