How’s Your Winter Going?

February 18, 2013

winter prep

Just when I thought perhaps spring was set for an early arrival, arctic air from the north extends its chilly fingers over the land. That dumb groundhog doesn’t know what he’s talking about (lol). It has been in the single digits and by 10am — with the sun shining gloriously away — it was a meager 9 degrees outside. I am SO glad I insulated the downstairs of the house when we gutted the kitchen. I’ve seen a nice drop in our heating bills, although the upstairs of this house is still uninsulated and unrenovated. This past summer, we did manage to install new vinyl replacement windows in all but two bedrooms. This has improved things somewhat, but it’s still very cold up there especially on days like these. Once we insulate, I think it will be much more temperate.

I can’t even begin to imagine how insanely cold it must have been for the original occupants. In the 1850s, most people around here installed coal fireplaces for their houses, although the kitchen here still had a pot-bellied wood-burning stove until the 1960s! But as far as I have been able to tell, there were only four fireplaces in the house– one for the kitchen in the back addition, one for the parlor, one for the dining room, and ONE for all four bedrooms upstairs! It must have been agonizing up there. As a matter of fact, the original builder’s wife died of pneumonia in her icy-cold bedroom. šŸ™ Back then, they didn’t insulate (much) or even have luxuries like atrium windows reviews to find good windows at good deals. Can you believe the leaps and bounds we’ve made in modern home comforts since the 1850s? It’s pretty amazing, I think. Today, we have SO much at our disposal that the choices are dizzying and aggravating. Of course, we can access atrium windows reviews and building products to find out what’s best for our needs and climate, and I am thankful. I’m mainly self-taught by stuff like that.

So how’s your winter going where you are? In the Northeast, February tends to be the most difficult month. This is when the snow is brown, when the cold temperatures are biting instead of invigorating, the air is dry and we are sick of winter. We long for spring and green and soft air again. Many of my peers turn to their gardening catalogs about this time, too (I just got High Mowing Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalogs in the mail), but it’s too early for me to think of gardening, ugh. I’m still trying to keep warm so my thoughts go toward atrium windows reviews and fiberglass batting and furnace BTUs!

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