Paint the Town Red.. or, Pink

January 9, 2013


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… but first see what's "in," right?

This is perhaps the first holiday season that I actually relaxed and did nothing for a time. I usually work right through the holidays, but the end of the year was really stressful and busy, and I knew I'd better get some "down" time or I was going to collapse. I took my husband out to dinner, and then my girls and I went on a nice girl's night out, too. It got me hankering for a bit more of those "hair down music up!" nights. It was SO GOOD to enjoy myself! Why have I been waiting so long?!

There's a cute new website up for those of you who love to go out. It's called Primp & Prep and it's from the Hpnotiq website. It targets young women who want to have fun, safe and memorable moments out or in. Here's the scoop:

*Discover some really delicious cocktail recipes for your own home parties, including the pretty Stiletto Sangria, Blue Breeze Party Mix and Snowflake Martini (it looks beautiful).
*Dress to impress but also learn how to dress properly for the occasion. Read what men think about your super-tight mini-cocktail dress or neon-pink fuzzy stilletos before wearing them to the dance.
*Learn makeup secrets of your favorite celebrities and learn how to enhance your own natural beauty with terrific make-up tips.
*Discover relationship pitfalls and avoid the "first text message" blunder with some good, womanly advice.
*ALWAYS drink responsibly. It is illegal for people under age 21 to drink alcoholic beverages. Never drink and drive. Getting drunk and acting like an idiot can ruin a nice night REALLY fast.
*Check out the latest music and funny trends so you won't be tongue-tied when meeting new friends.
*The site isn't only for girls. Guys can find tips on music, fashion, and how to treat that lovely lady of yours.

It's a cute site, and while it's geared for younger women, it has some excellent recipes. The presentations are so pretty!



Check it out! Remember: You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly



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