Science Cat Explores…

December 13, 2012

Find the Kitty

The weather has been excellent here, so I’ve been scrambling to finish up those last few projects before winter *really* hits. We finally got our gas fireplace in.

With a little help, of course. Meet “Science” cat.


LOL. Wouldn’t she look adorable with a pair of hipster glasses, like the “real” Science cat?


What IS it with people taking photos of cats with glasses and bow ties, anyway? I’m seeing it everywhere! It’s kinda cute, but it’s got to be uncomfortable for the cats.

Anyway, we got heat in the living room, YAY for us. Just in the nick of time because the temps dropped that week. We still have no snow, which is quite unusual for Upstate New York. We got perhaps a 1/4-inch a few days ago. We’re 10 inches below normal rainfall, too (no complaints here), but I would like a little snow. Ah well, all in good time.

By the way, in the first photo, Livvy is inspecting the fireplace box that houses all the innards of the heater. She was hilarious, popping in and out and in again. She is getting very smart! She knows how to hook up a gas line and wire cables and install a toilet — more on that later.

Maybe she really IS a science cat.

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3 Responses to “Science Cat Explores…”

  1. Marg Says:

    Yay Livvy, for checking out that furnace place and getting everything all set up. Then you will finally be warm. Have a great week end.

  2. blueyes Says:

    Kitties gotta make sure the entire house is safe you know šŸ™‚

  3. Lin Says:

    Wouldn’t that be convenient if we could teach them to do plumbing and electricity in those hard-to-get-to spots in the walls???! We’d make a fortune if we had a cat like that!