The Magic of Pet Phermones

November 7, 2012


This post brought to you by Comfort Zone® products. All opinions are 100% mine.

About six months ago, we got a Comfort Zone® product with cat pheromones to help with Livvy's, uh, sanity-management problems. As a half-Siamese, she can be a little…. shall we say "high strung." During the summer, we went on a few vacations without her, and needless to say, the poor baby was grouchy as all get-out, scratching the new sofas, griping and complaining…. Enter cat pheromone heaven. 🙂


Does she look like she's feeling good, or what? LOL. We decided to try the the Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) product for the two Yorkies. They are crazy animals, crazy. Barking, yipping, and peeing. UGH. I think it's mostly their nature (everyone knows that Yorkies bark, yip, and pee), but I wanted to see if the dog pheromones would work on them. We've had the product for 30 days (the box says to allow 90 days to see the full effect), but I have noticed that the dogs are, in general, a lot calmer and happier. Yay for pheromones!!!


So far, so good. I think it's working. It's so nice not to have a cat who scratches the stuffings out of my furniture, and dogs who don't run around in crazy, agitated circles when a leaf blows by the window. If you're interested, check out the Comfort Zone® product at pet specialty stores like Petco and PetSmart on online. You can also see more information at the Facebook website. I can't believe this stuff works, but it does!

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One Response to “The Magic of Pet Phermones”

  1. lin Says:

    We tried that last year and I think it worked too. Thanks for the reminder–I need to get more. Hobbes is sooooo frustrated being in the house these days. Being that it gets dark earlier, he has cabin fever. He is not allowed outside in the dark—tooooo dangerous!