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The Built-In Bookcase Project

October 25, 2012


I have a home office in my living room. Because we shoehorn an office, a school room, and a living room all into the tiny 350 square-foot space, so the room has always been a disaster of clutter and mismatched furniture. This year, I was determined to address the problems.

Earlier in the year, we installed new windows, replacing the 1910 Victorian models. After that, we sewed curtains for the room, painted the walls and painted the trim. Then, I got rid of the monstrous 8-foot hand-me-down blue-and-pink couch and got two small, cushy love seats.

For over a month now, we’ve been building and installing two huge built-in bookcase units. One is 6 feet long and the other is 5 feet. I’ve had intentions of adding such a unit to this room for years. Pre-made bookcases (solid wood only, please!) are prohibitively expensive, and I could not hire a carpenter to do it. So I watched a few videos, read a few how-to articles, and decided to tackle it myself. Due to the “eccentricities” of our old home (that’s the understatement of the year), I had to use my noggin and do a bit of creative tinkering. I won’t bore you with the details here, but I had to use pre-made kitchen wall cabinets instead of base cabinets because wall cabs are only 12 inches deep, which is all I had to work with. We had to create a frame upon which the cabinets would sit, to elevate them to “base cab” height. That took a while because we also had to cut through the laminate floor to secure the frame to the subfloor. I have a very inventive son who is now thoroughly skilled with the Dremel tool. 🙂

Anyway, here’s a pictorial story of how it went.


Living Room before 1

Marking the wall for studs and placement of the cabinets.


One cab installed. ….five more to go…


The husband would come home from work and wonder what I was ruining now, lol. He has a difficult time […]

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Find the Kitty Friday: She Likes Apples

October 12, 2012


Apple DEVICES, that is. 🙁 Look at that guilty face!


She has chewed through FOUR of my Apple iPad and iPhone charging cables. BAD kitty! Here I am charging my device, and she’s sneaking up to get at it. SO bad!

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Bookcase Progress

October 9, 2012


I forgot to take photos of the bookshelves themselves… we have one of the four units cut and stained. I start assembling later this week.

Bookcase progress

We still have no heat in the living room, so I need to up the ante. Gotta build that fireplace area and then the husband can fit everything else in. Whew. Winter is fast approaching!

In case you’re wondering, that’s Livvy’s bear on the counter. The bear is LIvvy’s “playmate.” She can play kinda rough, though. We took a video of her with Teddy a few years ago.

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Bookcase Progress

October 5, 2012


I really have been making progress on the bookcase project, albeit very slowly. We kinda got bogged down after two major trips to the Adirondacks and a massive flu/head cold thing. We can barely drag ourselves outta our beds, let alone build a 17-foot by 10-foot bookcase unit. Ugh.

A few days ago we sawed the plywood for the first two shelves. I’m using oak cabinet-grade for the first time. I have to measure very, very carefully because if I make a wrong move and saw too short, that’s a lot of money down the drain! So it’s taking me a while. I hope to assemble the first unit early next week, if my sinuses behave.

I don’t have any photo updates and I haven’t scanned my blueprints for the setup, but all in good time. For now, I’ve got a date with NyQuil and a box of kleenex.

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