Our First Venture Canning Food

September 19, 2012

winter prep

Correction: The daughter‘s first venture canning food. I stood back and watched. 🙂

We ordered 50 pounds of organic beefsteak canning tomatoes from FarmshedCNY.com. She finished the job a few days ago. I don’t know how many quarts and pints of tomatoes we eventually got, but it was a lot! Three days work!

Canned tomatoes

The only reason we only canned tomatoes is because our garden was a dismal failure this year. The barrage of flooding we suffered last year (THREE floods) really took its toll on the property. I’m just getting too old to work full time, renovate a house AND clean up the yard all day long. Whew. The kids do help out a lot but they also have their own stuff to do.

Next year, Lord willing, we will have a garden full of green beans, yellow squash, tomatoes, rutabagas….



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3 Responses to “Our First Venture Canning Food”

  1. lin Says:

    Our tomato yield was pathetic this year as well. IF we had any tomatoes, they were very tiny and disappointing. I hope next summer is better.

  2. Marg Says:

    Good for the daughter to do that. I used to do some canning in my younger days. It will be nice to have those tomatoes this winter.

    • Rebecca Says:

      That’s pretty cool, Marg. It is a good experience. We’ll see how much cat hair got processed in with the tomatoes… :S