Find the Kitty Friday: Well She Tried

September 14, 2012

Find the Kitty

She’s not a baby anymore! *sniff*


Everything was crammed into the corner as we are working on the bookcase units. She just loves the excitement, and always has to be “in” on the activity. I have no idea why she crawled underneath her cardboard scratchy-toy-thingy. She actually got stuck, believe it or not! LOL

The project is coming along, slooooowly. It’s not very fun, sawing and hammering in a finished living room. The dust goes everywhere and the sawdust gets into the area rug. I think we’re do for one of those fancy
round rock texas upholstery cleaning” jobs, too.

Well, it must be done. I still have to build our little fireplace/mantel unit before it gets too cold. The summer just flew by!

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One Response to “Find the Kitty Friday: Well She Tried”

  1. lin Says:

    Oh, it’s always fun for the cat when the house is in chaos. I wish I shared their feelings–it always stresses me out.