Built-In Bookcases Project – Halfway There

September 12, 2012

Design and Decor, interior work

Here’s the progression thus far:

Before photo. There’s a lot of wasted space along this wall because of the doorway and the narrow width between that and the wall (13 inches). I’d had a fleet of cheapo Chinese particle board bookshelves there, but they were ugly and starting to flex. Plus, two bookshelves are not nearly enough to hold all our books! I have boxes of them stuffed everywhere in the house.

Living Room before 2

I purchased inexpensive unfinished wall cabinets. They are narrow enough to fit in the space (12 inches) but are not tall enough. So I built a simple 2×4 frame for the cabinets to sit on. The frame adds height and provides a toe kick beneath the cabinets, too. I secured this sucker to the floor and the wall studs. This bookcase is not going anywhere!


One cabinet installed already.


The wall has a few outlets and I did not want to conceal them behind the cabinets. So the trusty daughter (who does all my measuring) drew the outline for the outlets.


The son got to use the jigsaw to create the outlet holes.


This was the day’s work!


I have since installed oak plywood counters on both cabinet units, and everything is finally stained and sealed. I didn’t get a photo yet, but trust me — it looks great.

Next — the shelves!!!

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One Response to “Built-In Bookcases Project – Halfway There”

  1. Rena Says:

    Coming along good!

    My sister had 2 big book shelves attached to her living room wall.
    She removed them and gave one to me. I absolutely love it. Its probably
    almost 5 1/2 ft tall and 4 ft wide. I have it upstairs in my sitting room
    which will also be a library. I asked her if I can have the other one since
    she isn’t really using it but she said no. 🙁
    I am slowly working on that room and also
    the guest room which will also be my craft room.

    I like having projects to do over the winter so that it keeps our minds off the cold and ice! I don’t mind the snow as long as its not bad to drive or walk in it.