Removing the Hard-Wired Telephone

August 11, 2012


Remember those old phones from the 1970s, before modular jacks were installed? We didn’t own them but the phone companies rented them to us? Hard-wire phones refer the type of phone connected directly to the wiring system and secured to the wall. While very stable and durable for its day, especially in the busy office environment, modern telephones provide much more flexibility and yield better quality than these old phones. With a little exertion and a few snips with the wire cutters, the device will easily disconnect from the wall.

You’ll Need:
Utility knife
Paper clip
Wire cutters
Electrical tape

Score lightly around the body of the telephone with the utility knife where the phone meets the wall. This will break the paint seal if the wall was painted or the ring of hardened dust in very old phones.

Place the heel of your hand at the bottom of the phone while holding the phone speakerset with your other hand, to stabilize it. Push up on the phone to release the phone from the wall mount. Some phone models have a small metal tab that you must release before loosening the phone from the mount. If so, press the tab with a flat head screwdriver while pushing the phone up with the other hand. Other phone models have small screws concealed behind the phone number card. If so, turn the rotary finger wheel clockwise until it stops and locate a small hole on the frame behind the wheel. Insert the end of a paper clip into the hold and press firmly until the finger wheel pops off. Unscrew the exposed screws to remove the phone from the wall.

Snip each of the four telephone wires, one at a time, that are attached to the back of the phone. If you intend on reusing the wiring for a new telephone, snip the wires as close to the phone as possible. This will give you a little additional wire length for your rewiring project. When all the wires are cut, set the phone aside.

Unscrew the wall mount screws with the screwdriver, if necessary.

Wrap the loose telephone wires together with electrical tape and secure the tape to the wall. This will prevent the wires from slipping back into the wall cavity.

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