Cat Pheromone Spray – Does It Really Work?

August 23, 2012


We love our pets, right? So why do we turn red-eyed and start foaming at the mouth when the blasted critters destroy the house? Furniture and carpets are MIGHTY expensive. The reason I threw my two previous housecats out of the house was because they scratched, clawed and destroyed everything. That $500 wallpaper in the hallway? It’s in ribbons. The $300 reclining wing chair and $200 love seat? In tatters. Every my fake-suede desk chair is pocked with claw and teeth marks. Why is it so darn difficult for the cats to restrain themselves to the scratching posts?!

Livvy our Tabby-Point Siamese is not nearly as destructive as the tabby cats were, but she is still a champion scratcher. comfort1She’s the one who has marked up my desk chair and she’s starting to eye the new love seat, too. I won’t get the cats declawed, just because I read that cats walk on their tiptoes (their claws) and it’s mean to take that away. So I endure. Barely.

I’ve heard about this cat pheromone stuff, but honestly, I treated the news like it was just another one of those “infomercial” type of products. It sounded too good to be true.

I THINK — I just possibly think!!! — that I have found something that works! It’s called Comfort Zone® with Feliway. A month ago, ComfortZone sent me several samples of their Feliway diffuser and sprayer products. They also included a few cute stuffed animals for Livvy– sweet! I’ve been trying them out for about 3, 4 weeks now. I actually have started to notice a difference in Livvy.

First, we tried the diffuser. It plugs into the electrical outlet and is good for one month. There is no discernible odor.



It takes a while for the stuff to have an effect. Livvy is by nature a sweet-tempered kitty, but she’d been going through a rough time and had been pretty grumpy all spring and summer. I don’t know if it coincidence or not, but about 2 weeks after I plugged in the diffuser, she’s been so much better!

But the real test came with the spray. I did not want her to shred the love seat. So I saturated the couch with the spray! The directions say that to prevent or stop scratching, spray the Comfort Zone® Feliway once a day over the area. I did it last week.


I’m incredulous. She actually used her scratching post!


Does she look like her stress levels are down, or what?

Here’s the scoop about the Comfort Zone® with Feliway:

  • Comfort Zone® products not only help reduce scratching, they helps reduce urine marking, spraying and other destructive behavior. The product contains pheromones, the same hormones that your cat makes and rubs all over things when she nuzzles things with her face.
  • Comfort Zone® says that most pet owners see a 96% reduction in urine marking within 4 weeks and 95% reduction in scratching in 7 days.
  • Because the product contains the stress-reducing hormones that cats produce, Comfort Zone® Feliway helps reduce all kinds of stress-related behavior. Besides reducing the scratching-everything-in-site behavior, Comfort Zone® also helps reduce cat spraying, urine marking, frightful hissing, and other stress-related behavioral problems.
  • The spray bottle is small– perfect for traveling. To help calm the pet before a visit to the vet or other car trip, spray the Comfort Zone® Feliway in the carrier about 20 minutes before the cat goes in. It makes the trip much better!
  • Comfort Zone® products are clinically-proven and veterinarian-recommended for helping reduce stress in pets!

Now if you have a dog, don’t despair. Comfort Zone® makes a product for canines, too: Comfort Zone® with D.A.P. for Dogs. Instead of stuffing the dog in one of those Thundershirts, try the D.A.P. stuff first. The spray is great for helping puppies transition to a new home, and helps reduce whining, chewing and other stress-related problems.

You can check out both products at the Comfort Zone® website. Just so you know, I did get some free samples in exchange for this review. I think I got the better end of the deal because the product has saved my love seat.

By the way, about those housecats I threw out of the house… They’re OK so don’t start crying. They became “outdoor” cats and sleep in heated cushy cat cubes in the basement and the garage. They eat canned tuna and get Temptations treats, vet visits, and are regularly furminated. Some days, I envy their posh lifestyle, haha.

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to “Cat Pheromone Spray – Does It Really Work?”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Stress? What stress.

  2. lin Says:

    I plug one of those in for the winter months so the kitties don’t get on each others nerves. It seemed to work here too.