Tame the Savage Beast: Do Cat Pheromones Work?

July 12, 2012


As we all know, Livvy the Tabby-Point Siamese is a pretty tame little gal. I’ve made sure that her upbringing was as stress-free as possible, as I believe that stressed-out cats become angry cats, and I didn’t want a biter or a scratcher in the house. Still, despite my best efforts, Livvy is still a bit spooked by traffic noises, super-low airplanes (WHY do they do that?!), strangers, and oversized Uncle Sam hats.


I’d heard of something called “cat pheromones” and “dog pheromones” dispensers that supposedly help calm the critters. I thought nothing more of it until Comfort Zone contacted me and asked if I wanted a free sample to try out their product and if I wanted to offer a free coupon to you guys. Seeing we are all a bunch of crazy pet owners, I said YES!

So I’m going to get my Feliway Comfort Zone product and see if it works! You have to wait 30 to 90 days until you really know if it works, so it’ll be a while before I can present my results. However, if you guys want to check out the coupon, you can do so here: petcomfortzone.com.

I know many of you have feral cats, and these cats can be a tad jumpy. I am very curious to see if the product works. Livvy is mild already, so I don’t know if the affect will be as dramatic for a crazy feral beast. If you do try such a product yourself, let me know!

Also, the company has a Facebook page and they are having a CoolCat Sweepstakes. They have weekly prizes but the grand prize is a FOUR night getaway for two PLUS a cat or dog to one of the country’s most pet-friendly travel destinations in Key West, Florida! Um, YEAH. What could be more perfect than a vacay with the hubs and my cat in Key West. Wow.

Have any of you guys tried the pheromone thing?

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