Review of Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats

May 22, 2012


I don’t often talk of him because he’s the shy, retiring type– our “outdoor” cat, Fuzzy. Fuzzy is all tabby, so he never comes in the house. We do have a nice little apartment for him in the basement, however, which is where he stays during the night. Because he is an outdoor cat, I can’t have him in the house. I am horribly allergic to fleas. I swell up and my glands go beserk. Fuzzy is a very affectionate cat, though, so he loves to sit on our laps and sleep on our fabric-covered patio furniture. A part of me dies when he does that… I envision a brigade of razor-teethed fleas marching from his fur onto our clothing. It’s not that I don’t want to cuddle him, it’s just that I know he has fleas and ticks just from his exploits in the tall grasses (and from befriending raccoons).

We’ve tried Frontline, which is “OK.” It’s pretty expensive and the applicator stinks. I usually wind up with more on my hands than on the cat. And Fuzzy has this vicious aversion to ANYTHING that remotely resembles a vet tool.

Well, the folks from Adams have seen my pitiful position, and took mercy on me. They sent me their new Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats. It has a fancy applicator. Fuzzy is blissfully unaware what’s about to happen! Muahahhaa!!


It’s wonderfully easy to do. I was actually amazed at how easy. I am the kind of person who *hates* giving cats any kind of vet care– pills, meds, grabbing them by the scruff and stuffing them in carriers– it just goes against my sensibilities. But I actually thought the applicator tool was pretty easy.


You pop the plastic liquid tube into the plastic applicator. No need to tear the tube open, no scissors, nothing. Just put it in.


Then, bend the applicator top over. The action will snap open the tube! I loved this. I didn’t get ONE DROP on my hands.


That’s it. Now go rub and squeeze the stuff on the back of the cat’s neck.



Fuzzy thought nothing of it, he figured I was just scritching his neck like I usually do. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t run away! I was even able to take a PHOTO while doing it. Unbelievable. If you have feral cats or outdoor cats, you know what I mean– these cats don’t like NOTHING. They’ll run away of they even suspect you of trying to help them. But the applicator has this small lip that probably feels pretty good, like a back massager. What cat ever ran away from a massage?

All done!

The Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats says it kills fleas (YAY), deer ticks (YAY), flea eggs, flea larvae, and mosquitos. It also has a natural coat conditioner. The application must be repeated every 30 days. Don’t do this more than once a month, and MAKE SURE you get the proper potency according to your cat’s weight. There’s Adams Spot On for dogs, too.

It’s also affordable. I saw a 3-month supply of liquid tube refills on sale at Wayfair for $10. Walmart carries this stuff, as does Petco and others.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the product. And Fuzzy is, too, because now he can snuggle all he wants without me grimacing at him.

Note: I received a free sample of this product for this review. My opinion on the product is 100% mine. It is not intended to substitute any professional advice or opinions from your pet’s veterinarian. Before applying this product to your pet, consult your vet. Never apply this product to weakened, sick, or very young cats. Thanks for reading!

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One Response to “Review of Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats”

  1. lin Says:

    WOW! They certainly made that easy! 🙂 I didn’t know you had an outside kitty! What does Livvy make of this?