Fuzzy Masters the Art of Relaxation

May 30, 2012


Can this cat relax or what?


All she did was rub his shoulders, and he melts into a bag o’ fluff.

I don’t often talk about Fuzzy because he’s an outdoor cat and because he hasn’t hung out around the house very much during the day, until recently. Our other outdoor cat, Milo, died about a year ago and since then, Fuzzy hangs out with us more often. Fuzzy and Milo hated each other. They barely tolerated each other’s presence on the property, and we always had to have two separate beds and foods in separate locations. But since Milo is gone, Fuzzy is oddly lonely! I think he liked the excitement. :-p


7 Responses to “Fuzzy Masters the Art of Relaxation”

  1. Carole Says:

    I have always felt that Fuzzy has gotten the shaft on your blogs. I know Livvy is the apple of your eye, but AWWWW – the Fuzzman is REALLY cute too! MORE FUZZY, MORE FUZZY! 😛

    • Rebecca Says:

      Ha ha, now I’ll probably have everyone rooting for the underdog! (undercat)

      OK OK, I’ll try to have more Fuzzy. LOL

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I agree with Carole–Fuzzy is very cute! I didn’t even know you had this outside cat. I want to pet him!!

  3. lin Says:


  4. Rebecca Says:

    *face* *palm* I think I have started a revolution….

  5. Marg Says:

    Fuzzy, you are so handsome. You really do need to be on the blog more. WE vote for that. We love our outside cats. Take care.

  6. Rena Says:

    Look at the furry belly!!! Lazy bones fuzzball!!