Find the Kitty Friday: Kitty Count Bass-y

March 30, 2012

Find the Kitty


She’s been feeling very musical these days. šŸ™‚ Isn’t she adorable?!

Everyone has, as a matter of fact. Hence the bass in the middle of my dining room. :S

The husband bought a new drum machine a little while ago. He promptly stuffed it in his “musical supply” box under the couch (remember, we have no storage space here!) for a more convenient time.

Last week was the convenient time. The husband and my two boys unpacked every box of musical gadgetry and spread it all out in the dining room. Don’t ask me how they got it all cabled together! It was quite the accomplishment. They all gugged for a while, the hubs on lead, son #1 on rhythm and son #2 on bass. Sounded great. Would have sounded even better somewhere besides the dining room, though.

I have GOT to build them a music room. Either that or place a table for eating in the living room!

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