March 26, 2012

spring, weather woes

Has everyone been experiencing an unusually warm and early spring, or is it just us here in the Northeast? Spring is about 5 to 6 weeks early here, “unprecedented,” say the weather gurus.

My daffodils are blooming and the lilacs are budding, but it’s the weeds that are really thriving. After all the years of flooding we’ve had, my yard is filled with weeds. I used to have such a nice lawn, nice gardens. There’s no way I can manage all these weeds. So if you can’t beat them, join them, right? Weeds can be very decorative…. well, kinda. I think there’s no redeeming burdock, except that the roots are edible.

Anyway, the heat was climbing into the 80s so I unpacked my summer clothes and wore shorts for a time. I even unpacked the box fan to run in the window! But then, all of a sudden– WHAM. Winter is making a comeback! It’s freezing today, with the thermometer barely getting above freezing. And looks like a bit of snow is on the way, too. No worries, though. Even though I unpacked my shorts, I didn’t pack up my warm winter clothes. This IS the Northeast, after all.

So the weather gurus are in their glory. They don’t usually get this excited about weather except when there’s a huge lake effect snowstorm on the way. And as if we just CAN’T get enough of the weather, they bring up the “drought” index.

Seriously?! Drought in New York State?! It appears that the word “drought” has different meanings across the country. I always through a drought was a long time (years) with very little or no rainfall– you know, The Dust Bowl and Grapes of Wrath and all. But here in NYS, “drought” means more like “a few weeks without our usual deluges of rain.” So we haven’t had our usual 5 inches of rain this month— who’s worried about a drought?

Yes, yes, I know local farmers rely on rain. But if there’s one thing New York State does not lack, it’s rainfall. How I wish we could import it, we’d be rich! I remember a few years ago we had a very dry summer with very little rainfall (for about 2 whopping months). Our garden and lawn thrived, though. We’d redirected our sump pump pipes to the gardens, and poked holes in the pipes. Drought or not, that sump pump runs ALL THE TIME. So we had plenty of water and the plants grew enormously. I’m never worried about drought. I welcome it, actually. But that’s just my own little world so I still hope for rain for the farmers’ sakes.

How is your weather in your area? Is it another crazy year of unpredictable events and weird patterns?

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3 Responses to “Brrrrr”

  1. Rena Says:

    Ah we need to learn to embrace the weeds lol…. Thankfully we don’t have much of a lawn or yard to worry about it but I do have a small side where the flowers grow. Boy, with such a small space, lots of weeds are partying there! I have to get all the dead stuff out of there from winter and make it look nice and neat. I haven’t had the
    motivation. Well I did clean up the trash and papers that blew in it.

    Today its rainy as you know, a bit cold. I am still thankful that there is no snow though. 🙂

    Have a blessed Thursday!

  2. lin Says:

    After two weeks of weather in the 70’s and 80’s (NOT the norm, believe me), I took the electric blanket off my bed. Now it’s 40 degrees and I wish I had it on again. 🙁 Darn Mother Nature.

  3. Karen Says:

    We just got home from Florida where it was 82-83 degrees everyday. It is 42 here in Indiana! brrrr