What To Do With an Attached Garage

February 23, 2012


Originally I planned on making this great big kitchen in there. But then I realized it was less expensive to rebuild the existing kitchen in the house.

Then, I figured I would make this huge master bedroom suite, with a bathroom!! We are six people and the house has a mere 1 full bath and a tiny half-bath. It’s just not enough bathrooms. Additionally, the four bedrooms are oddly shaped. One is 10×12, two are 8×14 (that’s a tough dimension to work with when you have a 6-foot long bed, believe me), and another is a huge 15×17! The original builder, Mr. Rogers, did a great job building this home but when it came to the sizes of the room… well, FAIL. So we have three too-small bedrooms with one bedroom that is too large.

Anyway, I think I will have to forsake the master bedroom suite thing. I think I will have to convert the garage into a huge “conservatory,” kind of a combo music room and family room. Every single person in the family plays instruments, most of us two or more instruments. Do you have ANY idea how much space instruments consume?! TONS! And now my son is begging for a drum set! Gah!

Glorious space.....

We can’t put anything in the basement. It floods. Terribly. There’s no attic space and you know now how small and impractical the bedroom spaces are… currently, all the instruments are crammed into corners in the living room and dining room– the DOZENS of acoustic guitars (yes, dozens), amplifiers, keyboards, microphones, track recorders, pedals, tapes, etc etc etc. I’m drowning in music supplies!!!

So I have resolved that I have to create a WHOLE room devoted to musical instruments. Wow. maybe I can shoehorn another bathroom in there… I hope…

If you had an attached garage, to what would you convert it? And don’t tell me you’d use it to park your car, what a silly thing! 😉

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One Response to “What To Do With an Attached Garage”

  1. Rena Says:

    We have a small attached garage but the roof leaks on it. The drop ceiling is falling down from the leaks. I hardly ever go in there, it stinks from the mildew. I know that it needs to be fixed but we can’t afford it. The previous owner put many layers of roof tar on it to try to fix it. It still leaks.

    If we planned on staying in this house for a long time then I would make it a family room with the back part being Moe’s man cave LOL.