Find the Pigeon

December 26, 2011

Find the Kitty

Due to the holidays, Livvy the Cat is taking some time off from photo shoots. LOL. Translated, that means she has been a PILL and runs away when we pull out the camera. The gloomy winter weather has hit us all quite hard this year. Oh, it’s not enough to drive us bananas or anything — and we haven’t had an inch of snow on the ground yet — but it’s rather dull and gloomy and we’re all in a bit of a funk.

Well, to liven things up a bit, let’s play a game. I am excited about this one, because I so RARELY get such an opportunity to photograph something so neat. There’s a pigeon in the photo– can you spot him? I was THERE and I could not even see him. My son pointed him out but I couldn’t see him. I took the photo blindly, hoping I got him in the shot. After i enlarged the view, I see I got him! Now, it’s your turn:

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5 Responses to “Find the Pigeon”

  1. blueyes Says:

    Yep, I’m a good spotter and found him. I didn’t even need to enlarge the photo lol They are so common down here I know what to look for ;p

  2. Marg Says:

    Yup we found him too. He does blend in really well with the rocks. Good picture. Good contest. Take care.

  3. Secondary Roads Says:

    Took a minute, but I found him too. Wasn’t sure of the scale (how large are the rocks), which made it a bit more difficult.

  4. lin Says:

    Dead center. Silly bird!