Bifold Doors Are a Big Deal

December 12, 2011

interior work

Does it drive you nuts when framed pictures and other things are crooked? I used to be compulsively straightening things around the house, but mysteriously, everything always just went *tilt* as soon as I turned my back. I finally gave in about a year ago, after wearing myself out for almost two decades, haha!!

I took this photo and it just reminds me of the futility of having anything “straight” in an old house. LOL


That, my dear friends, is our new bifold door! Oh hey– it may not look like much, it’s definitely not as glamorous as a new clawfoot tub with shiny brass fixtures… but it’s MINE. And it’s FINALLY in the doorway. I’ve been waiting to have a bifold door here for… oh, just 15 years or so. Finally got it up.

Throw the confetti, I’m having a party. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a wonderful chain of events! Maybe we can get that 1.6 gallon toilet installed upstairs, ya think? It’s been taking up space in its box in the garage for over two years now….

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2 Responses to “Bifold Doors Are a Big Deal”

  1. lin Says:

    I hate those projects that take forever to get done, but are actually minutes in the doing. Ugh! I have a ton of those around here. It looks GREAT!