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Find the Kitty Friday

December 30, 2011


My daughter snapped this on her cell phone. Where could that skulking kitty be?! She’s doing it rite! LOL


Well, another year is winding down. I haven’t been thinking of any thoughts on renovation lately until about a month ago. It was about that time that I really “let” my desk “go.” I have always been a neatnick with a super-tidy desk, but I’ve been SO SO busy the past few months (since October, really) that my desk is a SHAME. A cryin’ shame. I even took a photo for you to see how bad it is. lol


The desk is actually one of the best ones I’ve ever had, The thing is solid wood, an old teacher’s desk from the 1940s. But it’s not exactly computer-compatible, as you can see. I just juggle way too much stuff on this desk, and with all the paperwork for the home business, I’ve run out of places to put things.

Which leads me back to thinking about renovation again. I’m going to create a built-in bookshelf and desk system in the living room. We have tons of books, most of them in boxes, still! I think my living room will look beautiful with some elegant shelves and a nice tidy area to work. I’ve ordered a few base cabinets and am waiting for them to arrive. Once they finally do, construction begins. I will have to reroute one wall sconce light and make a bit of a mess with the existing furniture, but we can handle it. I think I’ve finally got a vision for the room. It will probably take us about a year to or more to finish it, as it also involves removing an existing gas heater and installing a gas fireplace to a more central part of the room. Because a large portion of this room is my “home office,” I can deduct some of the expenses on my taxes. Thank God.

Anyway, I’ll have more updates about this later. I intend on building my own shelves from wood, so the project will certainly take some time. But when it’s done, it will look and function SO MUCH better. And the new shelves will give Livvy all sorts of amazing new places to hide!

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Find the Pigeon

December 26, 2011


Due to the holidays, Livvy the Cat is taking some time off from photo shoots. LOL. Translated, that means she has been a PILL and runs away when we pull out the camera. The gloomy winter weather has hit us all quite hard this year. Oh, it’s not enough to drive us bananas or anything — and we haven’t had an inch of snow on the ground yet — but it’s rather dull and gloomy and we’re all in a bit of a funk.

Well, to liven things up a bit, let’s play a game. I am excited about this one, because I so RARELY get such an opportunity to photograph something so neat. There’s a pigeon in the photo– can you spot him? I was THERE and I could not even see him. My son pointed him out but I couldn’t see him. I took the photo blindly, hoping I got him in the shot. After i enlarged the view, I see I got him! Now, it’s your turn:

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Find the Kitty Friday: Cool Cat

December 16, 2011


Livvy the Half Siamese Cat has acquired this new penchant for super-duper, fresh spring water. Can you find the kitty?

Fridge Kitty

She’s so cute. Whenever we open the door to run water from the spigot, she reaches in, between the door and the fridge, with her paw to “catch” some of the water. If we dare leave a cup of water out on the table, this is what she does:


I don’t really know if this change in drinking habits is a cause for concern. Maybe you guys can lend me some advice. I really don’t want to drag Livvy to the vet. As cool as the office furniture really is, I just don’t like the vet atmosphere and neither does Livvy. I can’t say that she is drinking more than usual… maybe she is. She seems in good health, otherwise.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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Bifold Doors Are a Big Deal

December 12, 2011


Does it drive you nuts when framed pictures and other things are crooked? I used to be compulsively straightening things around the house, but mysteriously, everything always just went *tilt* as soon as I turned my back. I finally gave in about a year ago, after wearing myself out for almost two decades, haha!!

I took this photo and it just reminds me of the futility of having anything “straight” in an old house. LOL


That, my dear friends, is our new bifold door! Oh hey– it may not look like much, it’s definitely not as glamorous as a new clawfoot tub with shiny brass fixtures… but it’s MINE. And it’s FINALLY in the doorway. I’ve been waiting to have a bifold door here for… oh, just 15 years or so. Finally got it up.

Throw the confetti, I’m having a party. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a wonderful chain of events! Maybe we can get that 1.6 gallon toilet installed upstairs, ya think? It’s been taking up space in its box in the garage for over two years now….

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Find the Kitty Friday: What Livvy Does While We’re Away

December 1, 2011


We went on a two-day trip and left our half-Siamese baby, Livvy, alone in the house. Well– we also left the two Yorkshire terriers and the cockatiel, too, but they are mere pets. 😉 They are also contained (the dogs in a large penned area and the bird in a cage), so Livvy has the rule of the roost while we’re gone.

I have several “pet cams” set up around the house to keep an eye on the critters whenever we are out of town. Previously, we’ve always taken Livvy with us when we travel but this time we decided to leave her home to watch over everything. The surveillance camera monitored all the activity in the house, and we were able to get a good idea of what exactly Livvy does while we’re away.

The first thing she did was hop in my desk chair and snooze. She always sleeps in my desk chair when I’m away.


After a few hours, she realizes that we aren’t back yet. She waits for our return.


Nobody comes in. Hm. She saunters over to the Yorkies. She seems very pleased when they go bananas in their typical Yorky way. They bark, they spin in circles, they crash into each other and trip over the food. I can’t see her on the camera, but I just KNOW she is snickering at them.


We left her PLENTY of food, but she does like her meals “fresh.” She she tips over the cat food bag for a quick bite.


Hm. Nobody comes running to sweep it up.




She inspects the camera.


“I’m going insane!!! It’s booooring around here! Don’t leave me alone with these nutty dogs!!!”


Unrecorded on any camera, Livvy wanders upstairs. She ferociously gnaws on the white cords to my window miniblinds. How do I know? I come home to find the blinds all mangled and chewed beyond repair. It was her only bad deed but FOR PETE’S SAKE she’s eaten through seven miniblind sets since the summer!!!!

FINALLY we arrive home, and she’s all happy and love-y again. 🙂 Happy Face.


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