Find the Kitty Friday: Fading Sun

November 4, 2011

Find the Kitty

Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow night. I will miss it terribly. I like winter but one of the worst things is the lack of daylight. Livvy is soaking up as much as she can before the plentiful rays disperse for the winter.

cat in sun

We’ve had a wonderful string of warm weather here. After October’s very chilly, dismal rainy denouement, we’d unpacked all our coats and brought out the hats and gloves. November’s first week has been sunny and *moderately* warm– warm for November, that is. Still, the boots are nearby and ready for action. I think this is indeed autumn’s last hurrah.

Our home stays very warm with our gas heaters. Livvy loves them. She stretches out in front of them, exposing as much fur as possible in soaking up the radiant warmth. I shall be joining her very soon. 🙂

Happy weekend, friends.

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