Livvy, Unplugged

October 21, 2011

Find the Kitty

I have a number of Find the Kitty photos but in the disaster that is my desk and computer, I can’t seem to find them. :S

I did find a number of cute, albeit subpar quality, photos of Livvy around the house. So here she is in all her casual glory.

Doing what cats do best.


Really enjoying herself, too. I wish I could sleep so well.


So cozy.


Here she is, staring at my shoes. She knows that when I put on my shoes, I will leave the house. And she knows that when I leave the house, I must leave her behind. The kids tell me that she moans and whines and scratches at the door until I come home. It’s a great thing to be loved. ….or maybe she doesn’t care for me as much as she wants to GO OUTSIDE.


Alack, the closest thing she sees to to great outdoors is the view from the family vehicle. I don’t like her wandering around the yard. For one, there are ticks in the grass from all the deer that wander around. And two, I don’t want to encourage her into thinking that it’s OK for her to wander in the yard. She escaped from us once and took off like a wildcat. FREAKED me out. I don’t know how you cat owners do it with your cats coming in and out such well-trained pets. Livvy is a maniac outside.

And here she is playing with a roll of kraft paper.


Whenever I get a package in the mail (a frequent event because I order everything online except groceries), Livvy gets to have the packaging. Like the kid that gets to lick the bowl of frosting after the cake has been iced, Liv gets to play with the “stuff.”



And here she is, being a bad cat. Yes, hard to believe! She can be bad. She hopped up onto the table after we’d cleared the plates (but before we removed some of the dinner). She must like Italian food.


Have a great weekend, friends!

2 Responses to “Livvy, Unplugged”

  1. Marg Says:

    Wow, Livvy, those are a lot of pictures of you and they are all great. We like the last one the best though. Just taking it easy on the food table. Good job. Once cats start to go out, they get used to all the excitement of being outside. It is a lot more dangerous for them outside but they sure enjoy it. Take care.

  2. linf Says:

    She is just so darn cute!!

    I think our kitties don’t run away because we always let them out with us when they were kittens. We didn’t let them out of our sight. But we also have small yards here and lots of fences and dogs inside some of those fences. We’ve never had anybody run away–isn’t that weird?