Summer Is Over

September 1, 2011


…and how do I know that?

Why the stink in the dog room is starting to subside.

A little.

But aren’t they the cutest little things?


We’ve been doing a little experiment with Smell Control. So far, the best cleanser is bleach and the best deodorant is Linen Febreze. The Febreze is intended for clothing and furniture and the like; I use it to spray the curtains and couch. For the air, we all prefer the Thai Dragon Fruit scent. It’s sweet but not overpowering. And it’s WAY better than the smell of those little tootsie rolls the dogs leave behind. :-p

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2 Responses to “Summer Is Over”

  1. linf Says:

    My main stinker is the sink. For some reason, that bad boy must belch a lot during the summer humidity. Everyone else doesn’t notice it, but I DO!!! ick.

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Lin, that’s really weird about your sink! Does that happen only in the summer months?! I wonder if your sink if vented, or if something in the house is not vented and the air comes out through your sink. Sewer gases in the home are hazardous to your health. We finally got rid of our problems with it!