Find the Forest Kitty 9/23

September 23, 2011

Find the Kitty

We’re back! We were gone for a week in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York! The Adirondacks is the largest park in the country. It’s 6 million acres of mountains, lakes and thick forests. In the northern parts, it’s pretty rugged. I was going to leave Livvy to fend for herself alone at home while we were gone, but at the last minute, we decided to bring her. I am so glad we did! She had a blast and was a very good kitty. Can you find the kitty?

FTK 9.23.11

She had quite a few adventures, and so did we! I’ll have more about that to come. But I think she just MAY be the first domestic kitty to climb a certain mountain! LOL Happy weekend, friends.

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5 Responses to “Find the Forest Kitty 9/23”

  1. Jay Says:

    Is that her about an inch from the left of the screen? If so, she looks like a stump! LOL

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Is that her near the left by a piece of wood? I think I found her. Glad to hear she enjoyed the trip too. It looks very pretty there; I love the woods!

  3. linf Says:

    Is that her? Nope. Squirrel

    Is THAT her? Nope. Raccoon.

    Is that….Nope. Opossum.

    Ohhhh! THERE she is! I see her now! Wow! She is very brave.

  4. Marg Says:

    Wow, bet that was fun for Livvy. Can’t wait to hear more.