Domestic Cat Climbs Blue Mountain

September 27, 2011

Find the Kitty, pets

I wonder if Livvy is the first cat to ever climb Blue Mountain, in the Adirondack Mountain range of New York State? Our climb was quite the adventure! The mountain rises about 3700 feet into the atmosphere, and the views are incredible. The climb, however, is rather laborious. Livvy could only get so far.

Livvy Climbing 1

She wanted to stop constantly, to smell the balsam fir and ferns. These were new smells for her.

Livvy Climbing 2

Some of the trails were pretty rough.

Livvy Climbing 3

After over 2 hours of hiking (and being carried in a cat carrier some of the way), Livvy stopped. She was probably 20 minutes from the summit, but the climbing was very intense and I didn’t feel comfortable hauling her carrier up such a steep incline (and back down again). I was afraid one of the guys would slip and Livvy would go tumbling down the incline. Also, Livvy had had very little water and I didn’t want her to continue climbing. So we stayed put on the trail and waited while the family reached the peak.

We Quit

While we waited, several other groups of climbers passed us by. Each one of them exclaimed about Livvy— “Well, that’s a new thing!” ‘OH, what a beautiful cat!” Livvy got lots of attention. I really think she may be the first domestic cat up Blue Mountain! šŸ˜€ It was good to get away from home, away from the hustle and bustle of work and the city and news about the economy and all that stuff. Livvy ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Adirondacks. We came home a week later, and she was disappointed—- I think she thought we were going to live there! Ah, if only!

If you want to read more about our climb and see some spectacular photos of the views from the summit, you can read my article about our adventure, on my New York Travel blog.

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7 Responses to “Domestic Cat Climbs Blue Mountain”

  1. Rena Says:

    Yay for Livvy!!!!!! She made it farther than I would have LOL.

    Great pics!!!

  2. blueyes Says:

    Get a good solid backpack next time and make sure you can tether the top so she can’t open it up. I used to carry my cat around on my back all the time. They have back packs small enough for cats or you could find one of the them especially made for cats.

  3. Secondary Roads Says:

    I too would not have made it as far as Miss Livvy.

  4. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Livvy did great! She is a true inspiration to cats everywhere! That looks like a rough trail with all those huge rocks, glad she didn’t get hurt and you didn’t make her go all the way up.

  5. Marg Says:

    That really is a good idea, a backpack. Also that couple was traveling across the country with their cat and I think it traveled part of the time in a back pack.