She Needs a Buddy

August 13, 2011

Find the Kitty, pets

We’ve been away from the house so often this summer (a roofing project) that Livvy has spent long periods of time alone. I’m starting to get a little concerned. LOL


Seriously, when we leave, she moans and howls quite loudly out the window. As we drive away, we can hear her pleas through the window. Sheesh!

So the husband turned to me the other day and said quietly, “She needs a buddy.” I looked at him, my eyes shining. I knew exactly what he meant. No, not another stuffed animal buddy— another KITTEN!!!!! This from the guy who has to hold me back from becoming a crazy cat lady! šŸ˜€

We *may* get another kitty, then. I’ll keep my eyes open for a Siamese or Siamese mix. Maybe by winter, Livvy will have a pal. And I’ll have another tiny feline to squeeze!!

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6 Responses to “She Needs a Buddy”

  1. Mike Golch Says:

    Aww,what a cute baby. we had to put our 18 year old cat to sleep on 7/26/11.

  2. The Other Alice Says:

    Ooooh dear. Oooooh dear. I love kittehs… I hope we won’t have any “Mommy has another baby” issues…

  3. Marg Says:

    WEll that would be fun but you know that a lot of siamese don’t like other cats. But I think a kitten is a good idea. Older cats get along much better with kittens than they do other older cats. Google Siamese cats and see what it says.

  4. Karen and Gerard Says:

    How exciting that you will be getting another cat! A kitten would be a great idea to keep Livvy entertained.

  5. linf Says:

    How do you think she is going to like another kitty?? My two hate each other, which drives me crazy.

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Livvy seems to like other critters. She’s always trying to get Fuzzy’s attention (he’s the outdoor cat). And she doesn’t mind the Yorkies much. We’ll see….