Find the Kitty Friday 9/19

August 19, 2011

Find the Kitty

She’s not been hiding lately. But sometimes she does blend in well with her surroundings, being a stripey white and tan cat.


We had family music night last week, and of course where we are, she is. I love her for that. She snoozed on the table while the amplifiers boomed and rattled. How she could sleep is beyond me.

I realized today that I forgot to write more about those nifty energy-saving light bulbs that I’ve been toodling around with. Oops, been kinda busy here at the homestead. I know you’re all awaiting the updates with baited breath, so I’ll get to them (Lord willing) this coming week. The light bulbs ARE actually very interesting. Some will last for a few decades! More to come. Have a good weekend, folks.

2 Responses to “Find the Kitty Friday 9/19”

  1. Marg Says:

    Hi there Livvy. Looks like you are enjoying that loud music. We would have been long gone. Hope all of you have a fantastic week end.

  2. linf Says:

    Oh, you got me on this one. I can’t find her anywhere! 😉

    My cats are like that too–the louder the better. They want to be a part of the action.