An Ounce of Prevention…

August 26, 2011

weather woes

… is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes.

We spent part of our afternoon in hurricane preparedness today. See that green area in central New York State? That’s me.

We pulled in the patio furniture (oh my word, we have a TON of chairs, did you know that?!, the tractor, the tables, the stuff that’s been hanging on the line for a few days (oopsie, hee hee), the trash barrels… and stuffed it all into the garage. We can barely squeeze through the narrow walkway in there, but we did it!!! Well, actually, the kids did all the work. They did an amazing job. 🙂

We have to get a third sump pump installed yet. We are going to get a battery backup kind in case the power goes out.

I’m not worried or anything. No need to stock up on water, canned food, dried beans, and cat food or anything! And after the last major flood we had, we pretty much cleaned out the entire basement. So the only thing that would get wrecked if we have several feet of water down there is the water heater. It would NOT be fun if it got ruined, but at least that’s all there is. Some weather guys are saying we may get 4 to 6 inches of rain in 24 hours…. yikes. It’s already so soggy here (been that way for 10 years now) that we’d have flooding should that much rain hit us. I’m hoping we get less than 2 inches.

How about you? Are you on the hurricane map? You going to have a “hurricane party” or get outta there?

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4 Responses to “An Ounce of Prevention…”

  1. blueyes Says:

    Hurricane party tonight although I’m not at it since I was trying to do some of my homework.

    In case you do lose power though you may want to fill the bathtub up with water so you can flush your toilets. That’s a lesson you learn the first time lol

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Oh wow, this is the first map I’ve seen of the hurricane path and I didn’t realize it covered so much territory! I sure hope Ohio is far enough inland, that green looks pretty close to us too! Hope you will not get flooded this time.

  3. karen Says:

    Stay safe Rebecca. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Keep us updated, please.

  4. Secondary Roads Says:

    Not in purple, orange, yellow or green. I’m off to the side in the mitten-shaped state surrounded by blue. Thank you.