The Silent Summer: No Crickets, No Peepers!

July 5, 2011

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Something very strange has happened. I realized it the other night while I outside in the backyard during twilight. The entire yard and forest and small creek that runs next door is completely silent. Completely silent!

No crickets. No spring peepers. Nothing. I have never experienced anything like it since I’ve lived here. Besides the mosquitoes quietly whirring around us, the only forest activity was the lightning bugs, blinking their lights in utter silence.

This is my backyard. Behind that scraggly brush is a small rivulet that fills with peepers every spring. There’s no sign of my beloved musical friends there this year.


At dusk, the area is usually ablaze with sounds. The crickets usually chirp so loudly that they challenge the sounds of the busy streets. And the peepers– those tiny little frogs that exhale high-pitched raspy whistles– are gone. Everything is SILENT.

I found a video recording of peepers in the northeast. This is what my neighborhood SHOULD be sounding like:

I’m devastated!! What happened?! I have lived here for over 14 years and nothing like this has ever happened. Was it the awful April flooding that swept my critters away? Is it some kind of pesticide or toxic chemical that has been sprayed in the forest and has descended into my neighborhood? Is there some evil raccoon gang or other monstrous creatures that have eaten all my precious nightly musicians in some kind of perverse thuggery??

This spring and summer has been weird, simply weird. I feel forlorn, bereft of a very necessary ecological foundation. It just ain’t summertime without the peepers. 🙁

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114 Responses to “The Silent Summer: No Crickets, No Peepers!”

  1. Renee Says:

    Aww, so sorry you lost your peepers! 🙁 I love them, but didn’t know exactly what they were called. A neighbor near us has a pond (sort of in our extended back yard) and we get to hear the beautiful sound of the peepers… but now that you mention it, I don’t remember hearing them the other night when we were outside. I also don’t remember hearing crickets lately. Hopefully they aren’t gone! 🙁

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    That is very sad your peepers seem to be gone. Probably was all that flooding that did it.

  3. All American Mom Says:

    My DH just looked up on the internet because we were just camping up near Flagstaff/Grand Canyon and we were stunned – it was like camping in a warehouse – it was SILENT – not even crickets in the forest, and barely a bird and then it was only in the morning and we could count the number of birds we heard – four!!! It was extremely eerie. Now we see it is not just Arizona area. What is going on?

  4. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    WOW. This is getting WEIRD. I did a search in the Internet before I wrote this, and didn’t find anything… maybe I’ll ask my pals on Twitter if they have noticed anything odd.

  5. Marg Says:

    We have lots of peepers and crickets. Must have to do with the weather. That is kind of weird though. Hope they come back.

  6. linf Says:

    I think they go in cycles. It may be the weather, a chemical accident, or maybe a fungus. There was a frog fungus that was going around for awhile and it may have wiped you out temporarily.

    Don’t worry–although it may be quiet this year, I’ll bet they come back next year.

  7. Pooter Says:

    I live in a woodsy area in southern New Hampshire, and I have also noticed the nights are way too quiet. There’s a little creek in the woods behind my house. I heard peepers for a brief period of time late in the month of May, and that’s it. I hear absolutely nothing outside at night 🙁

    I also haven’t noticed any cicada (“Heat bugs”) during the day, but I just might not be paying enough attention.

    • Crickets, birds and summer bugs are missing Says:

      Lexington Kentucky is also missing any sounds of heat bus, birds, crickets and other summertime noises. This is the first summer this has happened and it is understood that the addition of 6 microwave cell phone antennas and towers have potentially eliminated these species. Where can we research this widespread problem? I never believed that microwave or RF could interfere with basic life, but now I am curious is these observations are true?

  8. Bill Says:

    Indiana here. All year so far and NO crickets or any kind of bug noise. Only fireflies around and the usual pesky mosquitos and stuff. Looking for answer on internet and nothing on it. Never heard silence here. Indiana is ALWAYS cricket noisy. 🙁

  9. Mary Says:

    Rochester, New York here. Every night I listen for the comforting summer sounds that typically fill my back yard and wooded area behind my house. There is a stream there, too. Most summers, the sounds have been deafening.
    I feel very sad without the summer insect sounds I’ve grown up with. This is the first time I can recall that the outdoors is silent at night.
    How about any campers out there? Or any locations that DO have the crickets?
    The ironic thing is that I had purchased a white noise sound machine to drown out hubby’s snoring. It does have crickets on it. Unfortunately, they don’t come close to the joys of the real deal!

  10. All American Mom Says:

    It looks like so far those who have no typical night bug sounds are: Upstate New York, Northern Arizona, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Rochester New York. I do have to say where we live in the Valley east of Phoenix, Arizona, we have crickets and cicadas and birds and even toads when we get irrigation. That’s why it was so strange when we camped since it was such a change from our noisy nights at home. VERY interested to hear from others.

    • Connie Says:

      I’m in New York on Long Island and there are no crickets or anything else either. Just lightning bugs. It’s eerie!

  11. Pamwam Says:

    so wierd, talking with my friend last night (who lives in Denver) and I live in Indiana…I too had noticed that there are no crickets and the cicadas aren’t at all what they usually are…how strange… wonder what’s happening?!

  12. Sarah Adanti Says:

    No peepers or crickets singing in the night in northern Connecticut either! Very strange!

  13. Susie Says:

    There are no cricket sounds in NW Reno, Nevada this Summer. The whole neighborhood is SILENT! How Wierd! Last Summer they were very LOUD! There is some talk about some kind of Fly laying their eggs in male crickets. Will we ever get out Crickets back? I Love the sounds of Crickets. I hope this is temporary.

  14. FRAN Says:

    We live in central Maine, Somerset county. My son and were also saying last night how quite the night is. WE could not here crickets or peppers. My house is about 10 miles from his. I had pepperes and tree frogs in may but now evrytrhing is quite!!What is happening? I plan to contact our consevation office and inquire with them.

    • Nellie Kennedy Says:

      I also live in Somerset county, Maine and we have always had peepers so loud that it was ‘like a jungle out there’. This year it is silent for the first time since I have lived here – 30 + years. Did you ever figure out what happened?

  15. Michelle Says:

    I live in MD and have a pond in the backyard. There are no sounds at night. No peepers or crickets. I called the local Home and Garden Information center and they didn’t have any answers. I also hope the peepers and crickets are not gone for good.

  16. Camille Says:

    Ditto here in Michigan, No crickets at night. At first, I thought they might have become dinner for all the birds we have this summer, but now, after reading all the other posts, it’s really strange. A truly “Silent Spring”.

  17. Sarah Says:

    Southern Maine here. I noticed that too. I googled this topic because I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this. In the spring the peepers were deafening at night, but for the past three months, NOTHING! No peepers, no crickets. 🙁 It’s dead silent out there and it’s very sad. I miss my night chorus! It’s very weird that they’re not out. I don’t think I can ever remember a summer this silent. It’s very disconcerting. 🙁

  18. Linda Says:

    Also from Michigan (Detroit area) and no crickets. In all this heat I remembered that the crickets chirped faster with higher temps so I listened last night just to check my knowledge. Very disappointed. Could it be all the pesticide use?

  19. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    The number of people noticing this is staggering! What the heck is going on????

    Thanks for your comments, everyone! Keep them coming, please.

  20. Niki Says:

    I live out east on long island, it is truly a sad summer. I remember commenting last summer how I didn’t really notice them at night either. Being a friend of nature this worries me, I cant find any information on this. If anybody finds info of any sort, please post it.

  21. All American Mom Says:

    Well, I was concerned enough to email a fellow from the Dept of Entomology at U of A in Tucson – his main response was “all I can say is I don’t know” and that populations ebb and flow, climate changes occur that may impact things for a season, maybe longer.

    Since he doesn’t know of anyone having done population studies he couldn’t say for sure that something like this didn’t happen in times past. He seemed to think that if it was all over the world then something would be wrong but in little pockets, changes occur. He was a little more concerned agout the Spring peepers as they are “a limited population with small niches that could be gone quickly, but very different from bug populations”.

    I don’t know, but it still concerns me. There have been so many weird animal deaths recently in the skies and oceans across the world that have no plausable explanations, who’s to say this is not something similar. Have any of you seen the site:

    theextinctionprotocol.wordpress (just add the http:// in front and .com at the end)?
    If you scroll down to where it lists categories, they have one that is “Mass Animal Deaths” – very interesting.

    In time as more people look into it and find this posting maybe we will see if other areas of the world are affected as well.

    • Crickets, birds and summer bugs are missing Says:

      In Lexington Kentucky there are no peepers, crickets or birds … missing since two summers ago … when I drive to rural areas, only a few pockets of these summer time creatures can be heard. Mapping the locations, it looks as if the existing populations exists in places with poor cell phone reception. Personally, I love my cell phone and right now, I am at a loss for words since areas with these summer time noises that were populated with summer time creatures last year, are now missing these sounds in areas where new towers were erected. How is it possible that the emergence of cell phone towers and antennas could affect summer time peepers, crickets, heat noises and birds?

  22. Mike Says:

    I didn’t expect to see so many replies from such a wide spread area. For the past month or so, I have also noticed how quiet it is at night in Truro, Nova Scotia. No peepers, no crickets and very few spiders. It would be great to hear from someone who has an answer to this. I miss the evening sounds! I am wondering if this is the first summer people have noticed this?

  23. no crickets in avon Says:

    Haven’t heard one cricket chirping at night here in avon ohio. I always open my bedroom window at night to hear the night sounds and would often remark to my husband how loud the insects were in our backyard. It’s an unsettling feeling listening to the silence now.

  24. Lisa Says:

    I live in a suburb in Cleveland, OH. I noticed in the Spring that it was silent, and I thought maybe it was too early in the season. It is usually very alive here with many different sounds of insects and frogs…but now it’s late July and still silent! This concerns me! Even the countryside of Ohio is quiet. I have not been able to find any information on the internet. I have asked a friend who is knowledgable on the subject, if she knows what happened. I am hoping this is temporary and next year we will have them back.

  25. Lesley Says:

    I live up here in Ontario Canada and it has bothered my for months that the nights are silent. Have been asking everyone around me with the same results. No chirping in their neighbourhoods either and for no reason. It just doesn’t feel like summer with out the chirp.

  26. jesus Land Tidd Says:

    Wawaka Indiana (North Central) YES absolutely ALL IS GONE!! i notice over several years the songs have been diminishing. i recall looking back over 10-15 years THAT THERE HAS BEEN A DISTINCT RATE OF DISAPPREANCE and 2010 much was quiet but not all. July 2011 all is quiet. I HAVE FOUND THE TRUTH AND THE SCIENCES OF WHAT IT IS. NOT SURE IF THIS MESSAGE IS GOING TO GET POSTED SO I’M NOT POSTING THE SCIENCES IN THIS MESSAGE SO STANDBIE FOR A FOLLOW UP

  27. Lisa Says:

    I live in Utah and have noticed that there are no cricket sounds here either. I miss them, they are very comforting. I’m wondering also what is going on.

  28. Lisa Says:

    I don’t think it is flooding because we didn’t have it that bad here. Also, I don’t spray poison so I don’t think it’s that.

  29. Patrick Says:

    I did not hear the crickets or peepers at all this season. Luckily, as I walked home late last night, I heard a few crickets singing. I am sure that the peepers are soon to follow. I wonder what happened? Some kind of natural phenomenon? Global warming? La Nina~El Nino NSO??

  30. Peter Wright Says:

    I live in CT and the same is true. Sielent nights!! Waiting to see if the fall sounds come. Not even tree frogs i don’t get it.

  31. Mike Says:

    I don’t get it either, what is happening? I found your reply about some kind of natural phenomenon and global warming interesting Patrick because it is something I’ve wondered myself. Something is certainly affecting the cricket and peepers population.

    To reply to your post Jesus Land Tidd, I am looking forward to reading what you have found and the sciences of what it is.

  32. Flo In Whitby, Ontario Says:

    No crickets here either. Something must be wrong. Scary.

  33. Pooky Says:

    This is but a dire warning of things to come. Crickets gone….frogs eat crickets..therefore…no frogs…..
    It will climb the food chain. I pray that we will wake up soon from our slumber and seek the answer to this dilemma.

  34. Pooky Says:

    I am glad to get informed that it is not just the midwest. Let’s keep looking into it…and updating us all.

  35. All American Mom Says:

    Global warming is a myth – look up climategate. For some reason it is the catch-all phrase to hang everything on. The earth’s temps have naturally changed, but it is not because of co2 nor is it manmade.

    What is manmade is the chemtrails sprayed in the skies that began on a regular basis in the 90’s. I wasn’t aware of them until a few years ago – but now I have actually seen them turn it on and off as they are flying, and as the white lines spread the sky gets hazy white. My DH spoke to an elderly gentleman who knows the backwoods and plants like the back of his hand in Northern AZ, and he said the grasses, trees and plants are not growing nor seeding like they used to. The ph levels of the soil are changing – watch “What in the world are they Spraying?”.

    Many, like this gentleman, and our family, believe it is affecting many things – quite possibly the crickets, especially since their habitat is the grass and soil. Obviously I don’t know for sure, but that is just my two-cents worth.

    I see parts of Canada are affected – still interested to see if any others from accross the globe are as well.

  36. Mary Says:

    Mary from Rochester NY again. Last night I actually heard a chorus of katydids in my backyard!!! Still no crickets. And with the hot days cooling off at night, we are also hearing cicadas buzzing in the evenings after dark. Keeping my ears tuned and hoping for more summer sounds! I do notice we have a bumper crop of songbirds this summer! I’m wondering if they are finding enough insect food?

  37. Jonathan Says:

    Amarillo, Texas. No crickets here this summer. I assumed it was because of the very, very hot and very, very dry weather but maybe not.

  38. jesus Land Tidd Says:





    My name is jesus Land Tidd and _i_  know precisely the sciences testifying as to WHY this is happening everywhere.

    _i_ love studying all the various web sites upholding the sciences about Natural Soundscapes; Sound waves; Sound wave Air-Pressure (vibrations); the Frequencies And Sound Spectrums and what each creature can hear which all testifies as to WHY Natural Soundscapes are disappearing which _i_ call,  ‘SCARED-OFF’ Creatures.

    Animals and these small creatures are not stupid like mankind roaming and disturbing upsetting all earths natural Soundscape orchestrations of songs of Peace. They have a fragile system of communication that is to stay connected with all earths Natural Soundwaves, even those Soundwaves found in earths higher atmospheres there are elementals that vibrate frequencies there also all interconnected. And when their areas have too many unnatural sounds overwhelming their Structures Of Silence
    then their natural Soundscape chain is broken.

     _i_  live not with TV nor radios over decades dwelling in the solitudes of nature connected to this vital fragility of earths Spirit of Peace and _i_  can speak on behalf of all these numerous creatures getting ‘SCARED-OFF’ disappearing for _i_  know quite well the specific reason WHY they are, over each year increasing greater momentum getting ‘SCARED-OFF’.

    _i_ve learned more from my personal experiences living in The Heart Of Nature  more so then from the internet which does support the sciences _i_ve learned from experiences, “knowing how to communicate with creatures. Spending long hours days with any of them in absolute complete stillness creates a connection of one consciousness. When looking into the eye of a cricket, bird or deer they trust my energy knowing their fragility. _i_ve learned how to walk up to wild deers and how to walk, to not disturb any creature nor a cricket song. Cause they know quickly  _i_ want to Listen with them. And that’s what we do together. Deep in the woods far away from mankind’s noises we Listen together to everything close or far across land and sky we listen to ANY and every noise joyful or disturbing we get into all aspects of it.

    _i_ not care about being popular with cultures of Noises  it’s all a form of accepted Terrorism, when the consciousness of the creatures and animals are of a much Higher Consciousness than Mankind.

    When _i_am in their consciousness (insect or animal) which is, “maintaining absolute 100% complete focus from — ‘JUST LISTENING’, “tells the whole story WHY”!! Why  they have become ‘SCARED-OFF’.

    It is because of mans unnecessary sound pollution. Jets and planes. Power hang gliders. ATV’s. Road noises. Loud mufflers. Boom boxes. Power gas toy airplanes. Lawn mowers. Lawn blowers and trimmers. Chain saws.  Trash burning. Speed boats. Fire crackers and guns. When i hear it i FEEL IT and when i feel it  THEY HEAR IT!!!  🙁   ALL UNNECESSARY NOISES!!

    In my neighborhood at one time 27 years ago insect songs were overwhelming and as it got slowly developed as the noise pollution grew, the more the songs disappeared.

    Most especially when natural Soundscape environments have repetitious man made sound pollution, then creatures become aware that their natural Soundscape orchestrations are not expanding. Like continual traffic disrupting their “Communication Orchestrations”.

     Basically they are ‘SCARED-OFF’ is what _i_ call it. There’s less mating.  Many stay burrowed underground which presents more problems. Some get eradicated being overwhelmed by burst of loud noises. Some move on. Or they are replace by other creatures until they decide to dwindle because of noise pollution. 

    Theres a lot on internet about how humans have what is called A Voice Print; Harmonic Sound In The Body. Theres also much about, Harmonic Sound In Nature.

    From my experiences not living 30+ years in any part of mans world having no associations with any part of society staying connected to the overwhelming positive energies in nature resonanting myself with Natural Soundscapes, “what  _i_ve learned is that earth requires various Soundscape Orchestrations from one or many species certain Sounds and if the sound chain gets or appears broken or diminishes or if the Natural Soundscape Orchestrations are not expanding they will move away, hide, or die. Sometimes when one particular Soundscape becomes diminished it can be replaced with another for maintaining necessary Sound Spectrums thats required by nature to have certain levels of natural sound spectrums in certain areas on the planet.

    All creatures, animals and insects like crickets can hear and feel vibrations of all mankind’s noises and even with greater magnitude of hearing and Listening at all times they are outdoors heavily burdened by any and all noises made by mankind. All when mankind can easily turn on soothing music for relaxation when the creatures have no ways at all for masking / tuning-out all of mankind’s unwanted unnecessary noises.

    The original article that was posted by Mrs Mecomber with her article called  The Silent Summer: No Crickets, No Peepers.. well she showed in her video that her dwindling Soundscapes were close to a highway. If that was not the source of noise disturbance and if that area has no noise disturbance then the disappearance is connected to imbalance of Songscapes. For instance the peepers got so heavily populated their songs overwhelmed other songs which made the crickets scared off. Remember our wild friends do not have very many places to go so they are forced to compact themselves all in one area thus they are competing with songs and with food.

    _i_ keep writing letters to various places trying to explain that earth has what _i_ call a, ‘Universal Substantiated Peace’ that governments are suppose to uphold promote, protect, maintain. _i_am absolutely totally convinced and from applying numerous scientific data, “that earths cataclysms / natural disasters are all linked to the deficiency of Natural Soundscape Orchestrations. That mankind himself is suppose to be part of these wonderful healing Orchestrations that our bodies our like cell phone towers receiving and transmuting earths natural Soundwaves upholding our One Universal Spirit in Nature. And all these natural Soundscapes — these “Structures From Silence” should be upheld and promoted and maintain in all of Americas Broadcasting Systems which are eradicating earths Natural Sound Frequencies Natural Brain wave patterns in mankind and in creatures everywhere even in earths upper atmospheres our Broadcasting Systems have a profound effect thus disturbing natural frequencies causing natural disasters from natural Soundscapes disappearing.

    Our United States Government has done exhausting research with enough sciences proving that when a certain amount of people in a city area when they are meditating in stillness for 20 minutes a day, this has a profound effect on the entire city whereby crime rates go down. Why? Because meditation is just only a imitating of sleep. And when one sleeps the electrical energy surrounding the head begins to resonant with the electrical magnetic energy found in earths atmospheres ((natural brain waves are restored))

    There are more natural disasters now than what native tribes record. Simply blow your horn all day make noise and see how much you scare The Precious Elementals that all serve Mother Earth Fragility Soundscapes.

    _i_ never could understand people of earth as long as _i_ lived here 65 years why they want to sit and watch and listen to TV when in nature on sea Land and sky there’s so much more to meditate upon and listen to, ever changing, every second Her Natural Soundscapes. Then when many go outdoors they bring the TV consciousness with them and all the noise upon nature. We know, humans can get too much external sound ((noise)) pressure against our fragile inner ears which will eradicate destroy our inner ears leaving us with traumatic acoustic tinnitus ((ringing in the ears)) from our noise pollutions so think about all the fragile creatures who are listening 24 hours a day unable to escape all our noise pollution affecting their systems of Listening Communications. There is also sciences showing cell phone towers sending radiation signals out over the Land interferes and disrupts the Communication Systems of the common honey bee. This is also Soundwaves.

    We all know Crickets stop singing if they feel something walking close by. And like the birds they do hear and feel all of mankind’s planetary motions disturbing Natural Soundscapes. They are aware of planes and jets, cars and boats guns and boomboxes. They are aware of they’re own Soundscape Orchestrations near and far calling to each other in their quiet systems of communications. _i_am totally convinced that all creatures establish planetary unification by 
    communicate more so by employing Structures from Silence rather than by their songs they make. In other words, “don’t speak, sing nor play any music unless it is for improving silence”. And that’s what all my words herein is all about for upholding earths ‘Universal Substantiated Peace’ on behalf of the Heart in Nature with The Owl

    IAM jesus Land Tidd
    May The Songs Of Stars Guide You

    Peace is a Product
    of Nature not Man.
    Each Must Learn
    to Resonant..

    ..Only then, Governments will come responsible to uphold promote only this one “Universal Substantiated Peace” in all broadcasting systems with only sound bytes that resonate with “Structures From Silence” — environments for Health Care and Public Places — America’s Foundation in alignment with National State Parks — Our National Treasures.



    unwholesome  broadcasting
    telecommunication systems
    forced upon public access
    unhealthy commercials eradicating Natural Brain waves in all Life Forms.

  39. jesus Land Tidd Says:

    Everything we do creates noise. Noise is the disturbance of earths air pressure. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever that we have to live in a Fallen Consciousness telling us that we have to keep on the go — always doing things all the time in order to arrive at what is false peace, which is, all unrestfulness — unnatural brainwaves.

    Why? Why is our economy built upon, “how much we are to consume energies ((consumption)) of our precious energy and resources”? This is the Fallen Consciousness and not the Restful Spirit of who we really are.

    What has this to do with crickets disappearing. Well we all know the misuse of our, On-The-Go Economy is most certainly creating a deficit for Mother Earths Body!!  So make more  time to be still ((20mins)) and then you will grow to know all the reasons WHY. WHY YOUR ON EARTH. AND HOW YOU CAN CONNECT TO UNIVERSAL SUBSTANTIATED PEACE WITHIN ALL LIFE FORMS EVEN THOSE THAT APPEAR MISSING FROM THE PHYSICAL WORLD. Forget the coffee sugar TV Radio meat and alcohol and drug consciousness all the stimulations of The Fallen Economy structured all around outer entertainments. The Hollywood consciousness is destroying the earth — they support the white house  and care less about earth’s missing Soundscapes. IAM jesus LAND Tidd with all of earths sciences upholding the Path Of Heart — substantiated peace.

  40. Craig Brimhall Says:

    NO crickets in the westarn part of Virginia and NO crickets in Northern Wisconsin (we live in both places depending on time of year).
    We kiddingly said it’s the beginning of the end of the world…my nephew says the crickets won’t chirp until the debt ceiling issue is resolved.

    Anyone know WHY there are no crickets chirping? Any entomologists out there?

  41. erfranklin Says:

    Silence as well in Massachusetts. I have been mourning the evening silence and wondering for weeks why it might be. So, this morning, I thought I would see if there was anything posted on the web about it…and found this blog. It’s good to hear that there are others out there who hear the silence and that I am not crazy. I am surprised however that there is a lack of scientific knowledge posted. Very strange. I did find the UMass North American Amphibian Program and will email them,if possible, to see if they know anything. Will let everyone know if I hear something.

  42. Logical Paradox Says:

    Salt Lake City Utah here, same thing. No crickets. Normally we have a lot. It’s dead silent at night now. Back in the late 90’s we lost our bees. They were here the year before that then just gone the next. It took the media 10 years to run a story, and still only have a best guess which is cell phones. It seems they mess with a bee’s sense of direction.

  43. FRAN Says:

    We had a heavy rain storm last night in central Maine and after the rain T finally heard Crickets and the night bugs . This was the first time all summetr that we heard the crickets singing.It has been too silent around here.Hope this continues I dont like the quite.

  44. Susie Says:

    OH Glory be to GOD! To everyone out there. I finally hear crikets in my back yard and in all the yards on my block, here in N/W Reno, Nevada. Not a lot, just a few, but their are out there. What a relief! I was trying not to freak. But, I could’nt help to think that this silence might have something to do with our predicted earth changes. And they were senceing something big about to happen. So we’re back on track here. Anyone else out there have your crikets back?

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Just this past week, I’ve heard the crickets! Hurray! Not too many are around, but some are.

      No peepers, still. I’m not sure if those critters are only active during the spring… it seems I used to hear them year around.

  45. Craig Brimhall Says:

    I finally heard my first cricket this summer…just one, but it’s a start. Anyone know any entomologists? There must be a reason for this silence.

  46. Lisa Says:

    I am relieved to say that I have heard “many” crickets and other bugs at night now. We also have a frog in our pond and saw a luna moth as well. My thought is that they came late this year? Maybe the extreme heat delayed them…or all of the rain…not sure?

    Keep listening…

  47. Lisa Says:

    Yep, I heard a couple of crickets also here in Utah. But only when I’m outside. Two of them are not very loud. Well at least I know that they are around

  48. Pooter Says:

    A little under a month ago, I said I did not hear anything… I’m now beginning to hear a few crickets hear and there. I actually didn’t notice it at first, probably because, despite all the silent nights this summer, I still expect to hear them. Eventually, I just realized, “Wait, I hear a cricket!” And I probably heard a good handful or so outside my house when I got home earlier tonight. It’s strange, not hearing anything until August (literally dead silence all the way up through July), but at least i’ve gotten to hear something. Now if we can get some warm enough nights again, I might be able to sleep to the soothing chirping of crickets (window open).

  49. Kellie Says:

    I posted on my facebook page last night about how quiet it has been without the crickets and peepers. I really miss them and wonder where they went. Someone sent me a link to this page and I am sad & shocked they are missing from so many places. I sure hope they come back. BTW~ I am in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, just south of Eugene.

  50. Ali Says:

    I have also been devastated by the lack of crickets chirping this Summer! It worries me from an ecological standpoint, why is this happening? I was waiting until August to really be concerned, but alas, no crickets. I decided to start researching it and found this site. I am from Northern Idaho, and this is the first Summer I can remember of not hearing crickets. Now that I have found out that crickets have stopped chirping on the West and East Coast I am even more concerned.

  51. erfranklin Says:

    Yea!! They are baaaack! Began hearing the nighttime chorus a few eves back. It was an eerily silent July though this year.

  52. Terry Says:

    South of Boston here-peepers were loud enough this year to make my puppy wonder “what is that?!” 🙂 Heard cicadas in the end of July, but not much at night until the past week! Yay! Katydids are loud tonight! Also have been hearing a lot of screech owls at night this summer, which I love, and am amazed at (because I live in the center of a small town). Maybe the very wet spring set things back a bit, because the katydids just started this week, I think. Only saw 1 lonely lightning bug way back in early June, oh well, you can’t have everything all the time! Ebb & flow, I guess!

  53. Craig Says:

    They’re baaa aack!! Finally…not many, but the crickets are finally chirping in the Shenandoah Valley. Cicadas are noisy but there are a few lonely crickets mixed in with the night sounds.

  54. Susie Says:

    Hi Cricket Lovers. Just wanted to let you know that the Crickets are chirping away here in N/W Reno, Nevada. I wonder why all over the United States and Canada there was a two month silence. If anyone can explain what happened please let us know. We are ALL WONDERING???

  55. Richard Says:

    No worries…. it happens sometimes I remember back in the 50’s once we did not hear anything for a week.

  56. jesus Land Tidd Says:

    Day will come when all our feelings of aloneness, our feelings of separation and despair, “these feelings that have existed within each of us, will all come together to share as one for knowing God has been there”, and that we have not been alone nor separated when we thought we were. Those of Us ‘who Listen’ to earths true peace We are The only Ones who have the power of God to change entirely all that which does not resonant with..

    .._”Americas Substantiated Peace”_


  57. Mary Says:

    I reported earlier in the season that Rochester NY was without cricket and katydid sounds. I am happy to report that the past week we have LOTS of crickets, katydids and peepers! It’s a lovely chorus in the evening! Anyone else?

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      We’ve got our crickets back, here in central New York State! It was pretty quiet all spring and summer until now.

      I thought that perhaps the bad flooding we had here wiped out the crickets, but after reading all your comments that you hadn’t heard them either through the U.S., it did make me wonder what’s going on. It wasn’t the flooding that had made our crickets disappear.

  58. Pooter Says:

    Yea, the crickets are out in full force now, even during the day. I wonder why it took them so long to come out this year. No crickets until August? Not cool 🙁

  59. In Delaware Says:

    I live in Northern Delaware and really didn’t notice the lack of crickets until two friends of mine from the area brought it up. It’s late August & I haven’t heard any at night. Thought this was strange as it’s never happened before.

  60. Deborah Says:

    In the last 4-5 yrs there have been either no or very few crickets here. By here I mean middle eastern Minnesota and north central Wisconsin. And by very few I mean like 3 to 4 if I’m lucky. I was so happy to have 1 cricket in my yard last year. I kept haveing to strain my ears to hear it! This year I seen a few smaller ones. Not like the full size ones I’ve seen my whole life. But I didn’t hear much chirping. I have been concerned for some time. I think it’s all the pollution – pesticides, gasoline wash off. People just don’t realize how polluted this planet is. It really concerns me. Along with the missing crickets and frogs and bees and other things we probably don’t know are missing. And there are so many things on the verge of extinction it’s horrifying. I tried looking it up on line but could find anything until finally coming across this site. I am glad the night songs are singing somewhere in this country. I just hope they come back here again. If anyone hears anything about what’s happening please post. Thanks. Deborah

  61. scott Says:

    There aren’y any crikets or peepers this in gettysburg pa but pleanty tree frogs we had crickets and peepers in 2011 but not year i thought it was the early spring but now that i see you needn’t have any last year i don;t know they say pet shop cant keep them in stock if you ever find out why let me please thanks

  62. Beca Says:

    I found this post because this year – we have no frogs or crickets. I am wondering if those of you who wrote last summer have had the crickets and frogs return?

  63. Beca Says:

    I forgot to mention that we are in Northeast Ohio – just over the border from PA

    • Angela Says:

      I’m in NE Ohio, too, and found this blog post because I’ve recently realized that it’s much too quiet outside. I live in an area with woods, raccoon, deer, etc, and it’s normally beautifully noisy out there. I saw a frog sitting on one of my veggies growing outside, but haven’t heard much of anything.

  64. Lin Says:

    Quiet here on Long Island. No peepers, no crickets, and I live next to a protected wetlands. Very distressing. Even the humpback crickets are fewer than last year. I have to say, though, there are more ants and bees. Glad to see the bees, but very worried about the missing nightly chorus.

  65. Denny Says:

    Central PA here and it is eerily quiet at night. I see this thread started last year and I can’t remember if there was the normal summer noise or not. For sure we had it in 2010 because I was recently watching a video I made of a thunderstorm approaching at night and it was LOUD! Where are the crickets?

  66. jack Says:

    Central Maryland. I just noticed the other night that there are no cricket sounds. I heard peepers a couple of months ago in the swampy areas. We had lightning bugs. I heard a cicada during the day this week. But I noticed last night and tonight that the world is silent. It is creepy. Maybe its the relatively cool temperatures at night. I will keep listening.

  67. OhioScott Says:

    After having the air conditioning on non-stop for the past several days, I looked forward to turning it off tonight and falling asleep to the sounds of crickets, peepers, etc.

    To my surprise, the night is silent. Dead silent. I live next to a park in northeast Ohio – a few hundred yard from a small stream and a wooded area, and still there’s no noise. Intrigued, I walked a mile or two, down a wooded bike path – and there are no sounds! None! The temperature is in the mid-seventies – there is no rain or thunder. There are no loud man-made noises evident. We had a small amount of rain earlier this evening. I can think of no reason for this phenomenon.

    Has Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring arrived? Is this a side-effect of HAARP use/experiments? Are the strange occurrences of mass animal deaths the past few years (birds, fish, etc.) related?

    And worse … will WE fall silent next?

  68. T Says:

    I have a pond in my yard, it’s been loud with peepers and frogs, crickets in the yard too… Then tonight, silence.. I asked my husband why it was so eerily quiet and we can not figure it out! In central New York, worried they ae gone….

  69. Vicki Says:

    I live in Maryland and just realized recently that I was not hearing the crickets at night. I have lived here most of my life, and come the warmer weather, you could always count on hearing them. Not this year.

    Interested to see that it is occuring all over the country and actually began last summer. Wonder what this is about? The post about the cicadas also made me realize I do not hear them either, in the day or night time. There are frogs at night however. But I was not here during April when the peepers would have been out, so dont know if they came this year or not.

    I have also noticed that two years ago there was an alarming increase of those large ground hornets, that increased even more last year ( the kind that kill cicadas. ) Could this have something to do with the decrease of cicadas? And do they also kill crickets and frogs perhaps?

  70. Jen Says:

    I just googled, “Why have I not heard any crickets this summer?”, and came upon this website. I had mentioned to my husband that it is completely silent here this summer. I am in Massachusetts near Cape Cod. I wonder what is going on? I am going to call the Wildlife Center near here to see if anyone knows the answer…

  71. rainbird Says:

    There are no crickets where I live in Boulder Colorado this year. No clicker bugs or anything this year.

  72. Lin Says:

    Saw one very tiny black chirping type cricket today when I mowed the lawn and heard one lone cicada this morning. Otherwise all still quiet here on Long Island, NY. I read somewhere that the unusually warm winter might have caused them to emerge early and then it got too cold for them, but last year on LI we had incredible snow, and it was our first quiet summer. Maybe the harsh winter that year actually killed them? Also, bumble bees are still dropping dead around here

  73. Curtis Says:

    I’m in Ogden, Utah (Northern Utah). Just realized I haven’t heard any Crickets and Googled it. Found this. I deliver newpaper bundles in the wee hours of the night to our local morning paper carriers. I have a few drop-offs in areas that, in the past, were just deafening with Crickets. Now, nothing. We went 5 weeks without rain, it’s been hot, and very very dry until July 5th. Then we got a little rain. Welcome sight it was because there have been a lot of fires in Utah and surrounding states. Haven’t seen any June bugs this year either. Very strange indeed. I’m looking forward to see where this all goes.

  74. john Says:

    Ijust realized tonight tha it was too quiet. no crickets, no peepers,no noise at all. I pretty much grew up with night sounds and now not to hear them is truly alarming. what does it all mean? nothing good i’m afraid

  75. Filippine Says:

    How come this is the only conversation about this topic I can find on the internet? We all noticed the difference since July 2011 but somehow there is no bigger discussion about this and no real scientific comment on the matter out there.
    What I noticed it that the crickets are not only not chirping, but they aren’t anywhere to be seen either. Even last year I would still encounter the black critters under stones and sometimes in the basement in winter. But this year I have seen only two so far.
    It is sad that I now, when I hear the cricket sound in movies that have a summer setting, I already get a feeling of melancholia.
    Let’s all ask everyone about it and spread the concern. Let get loud about this silence!

  76. rainbird Says:

    Finally, the crickets were singing again here in Colorado last night. This is after several days of occasional light rain. And they are back again tonight Yea!

    Not as loud as in the past at this point however.

    Also the only discussion I have found on the web.

  77. Lin Says:

    Same here on Long Island. In the last couple of days, I’ve started hearing the crickets. Still not very loud and only an occasional one. Never did get the peepers this year. Cicadas are also making an appearance, but not as loud as previous years and it’s been really hot here. I usually associate them with the dry and dusty heat of August, though, so we’ll see if they get louder in the coming weeks.

  78. Beca Lewis Says:

    We too,here in northeast Ohio, just got our crickets back a few days ago. No peepers though.

  79. Jamie Says:

    In the lower hudson valley, ny. No crickets this summer until mid July. Anyone know why?

    • Lin Says:

      A friend of mine who lives about 30 minutes to the west of me said they always come out mid-july. I’m thinking whatever finally hit my area started to the west of her and then finally got to me. Anyone from the east end of Long Island have a delay this year with the crickets?

  80. Curtis Says:


    There be Crickets!! Yep, started about mid July. Oh yeah, I’m in Ogden, Utah.

    For some strange reason it made me very happy, like a long lost friend just came home.


  81. Karin Says:

    Vancouver, BC. I’ve had one or two crickets come into the house, but have not heard a single one chirping. This has been going on for years.

  82. Lin Says:

    Crickets were late arriving this year, but have been singing me to sleep for the last couple of months. They’re active today too even though it’s getting cooler.

  83. Cathy Says:

    northeast ohio 2013 June – no crickets at all — extremely weird and unnerving – trying to find more info on Google about this — we did have massive peepers this spring

    • Scott Says:

      I’ve also noticed this in northeast Ohio in both residential and remote areas – even in a wooded, semi-swampland area, where insect and frog life should be thriving. Although there were peepers in early spring, they quickly disappeared. Cricket sounds are non-existent, and there are barely any fireflies to be seen. The nights are SILENT.

      It’s not a temporary phenomenon – it was this way last summer. There have been no unusual weather patterns this year. Something is interfering, whether it’s cell towers, insecticides, or undetectable sonic interference from an unknown source.

      Maybe we should ask Monsanto …

    • David Says:

      I live in Anderson, Indiana. The wild bees are gone. Monarch butterflies as well. In addition to this calamity, we have no peepers or crickets either. The silence is deafening. I’m getting pissed.

  84. Andrew Says:

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    All has gone silent at nights here for the first time since I have lived here. Whats going on? Global warming?

  85. barb Says:

    Toronto here. Absolutely no crickets peepers or cicadas this year at all. Complete silence at night. I am really surprised to read the extent of similar circumstance. I thought it might just be local so I googled it.
    I hope Thet come back.

  86. barb Says:

    Toronto here. Absolutely no crickets peepers or cicadas this year at all. Complete silence at night. I am really surprised to read the extent of similar circumstance. I thought it might just be local so I googled it.
    I hope Thet come back.

  87. Sue P Says:

    Hi, upstate NY, Albany. No crickets. But, across the Hudson in Rensselaer County, have had crickets since mid-June.
    This year was the 17-year cicada hatch. Over now, but WOW! Fireflies active, too.
    Hoping crickets will show up in August!

  88. Lindy Says:

    On Long Island, I didn’t notice the cicada hatch. If it happened it was minimal. Last year we had ton’s of butterflies. This year only a few, but I do have bees. Not nearly as many spiders either. We usually have a lot of these horny looking ones making webs across the walkway and across the branches in the taller shrubs. Not this year. No peepers. No crickets.

  89. Luzzy Says:

    Asheville, NC…no crickets, fewer butterflies. Very unsettling.

  90. marie m Says:

    July 14, 2013

    I went for a walk in western long island last night and also noticed there were no crickets. For the last few years there are fewer and fewer night sounds. I miss the chorus of peepers, tree frogs and crickets. I think last year the crickets did show up late in August but in small numbers. Whatis going on? Could it be chemicals or global warming? The weather is getting very unsettling lately all over the world.

  91. Toni Says:

    I miss the cricket sounds. I remember hearing them every year in Wisconsin, until two years ago. What is happening?? They are not in Madison or Racine anymore. Very sad. I hope everyone can realize that MOST people want peace in this world and that the elite/super wealthy are spending billions to make us think this is not true. That way they can keep making lots of money (trillions tax free) and enjoy the truly miraculous places on Earth without sharing. Make heaven on Earth happen now… please 🙂

  92. Michelle Says:

    Central Wisconsin… had plenty of spring peepers this year but notices a few nights ago there isn’t a cricket to be heard. First year they’ve been absent here. So sad… missing my nighttime serenade… sounds too much like winter!

  93. James Owens Says:

    I had hoped this was a local thing here in Minneapolis, Mn. Such a wide spread decline in natural night noise seems both ominous and tragic. The silence has been truly deafening. I also find it more than worrisome and hope for an answer.

  94. Jim Says:

    15 miles west of Cleveland it’s nearly August and no crickets. The tree frogs and fire flies are numerous. Some cicadas but not a lot. Why is this the only website where this is being discussed?

  95. Jim Says:

    I just found this that claims that you don’t hear crickets until late summer or early fall. Hope it’s right. I heard a lot of spring peepers in April and May. I’ll keep you posted about the crickets. when I hear them.

  96. Jim Says:

    Tonight the katydids are making a lovely racket.

  97. Jim Says:

    First cricket. Just one but it’s a start.

  98. cathy hubbell Says:

    The chemtrails do change the ph. Please watch “What in the World are They Spraying?” on youtube or where ever. Then watch “Why in the World are they Spraying?” One made in the U.K. is also good called “Don’t Talk About the Weather”. Also see what Carnicom Institute has learned about chemtrails. My brother and I had our blood tested. We are both vegan and make sure we don’t drink out of aluminum cans or use the kind of deodorant that has aluminum. Yet we had our blood tested for aluminum because people across the world who are in the know about the spraying are getting themselves tested. We are both WAY over the toxic limit. Chances are that you all are too. We are literally under attack. It’s a slow kill so people aren’t aware of it. Please watch the documentaries and tell everyone you know to do the same, And tell them to spread the word as well. People must wake up quickly. Sincerely from your sister Cathy

  99. cathy hubbell Says:

    By the way I’m in Asheville N.C. and it’s silent here as well

  100. Patmccrea Says:

    From northern Ca. Crickets o.k. But no frogs. Any answers?


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