Sloooowly Starting to Rise Again

June 23, 2011

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It’s almost July. Ya think I should be getting back to the garden and home renovation projects yet? šŸ˜‰

We purchased an air conditioner. Hurray! It’s the first air conditioner I’ve ever had. It’s the window kind, so we’ve been having *fun* trying to fit it into our old 1855 window frame…. more on that to come. We’re still working on a unique shelf that juts out from the window, upon which will sit the A/C’s bulky butt. Man, those things are bulky. I guess they have to be.

I’m also starting to take more time off from work. I try to get my writing assignments done by the time I have to cook dinner. I don’t always make my goals, and sometimes I wind up staying up much later than I like. But at least I’m not working non-stop anymore.

Gardening is on my mind lately. I bought some hostas and a few blackberry bare roots (all died but one). I have to plug them in sometime.

And of course, I have a lot of loose ends to finish up after last year’s renovation. I still haven’t completed that kitchen bench. And my living room/office needs a lot of decorating help. I have Ethernet and cables strung about everywhere. I dislike cords all over the floor. :-p My intention is to build a very nice modern office with updated equipment (i.e., an i7 core computer with slick video graphics array or DVI cables, and… *sigh* yeah) with nice furniture and orderly shelves! I can see it all in my mind’s eye. Reality is another matter, lol.

All in good time.

How are your summer projects going? Or are you one of those lucky persons that have no projects??? šŸ˜€


*sigh* To Do Lists....


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2 Responses to “Sloooowly Starting to Rise Again”

  1. Rena Says:

    oh gosh I have a ton of projects to get to but I always put them off to the side in the nice weather. I will admit that I have gotten lax lately because I would much rather be outside. Its good to hear that you are taking some time to relax!!!!!

  2. linf Says:

    Who doesn’t have projects???! That person must live in a cardboard box! Hahaha!

    We just found an electrician to do a side job for us–he installed small can lights down our hallway. We’ve lived here for 20+ years and couldn’t see crap down that hall!! It’s amazing we lived that way for so long. What is with that???!

    AND he was cheap! I’m going to make a list of other projects I’d love to have him do.