We Interrupt Our Normal Broadcast…

April 29, 2011

water problems, weather woes

I’m going to skip Find the Kitty Friday this week. We kinda have other things on our plates. We had flooding yesterday, and my house was hit.


Good news is that all the water is out of the basement, and the oil spill is completely contained. Today, we have to scrub down the walls and floor, and haul all the damaged stuff away to the landfill.

All the water is out, and the next job is cleaning.



The oil spill ruined everything in the basement, except the furnace! We were smart when we installed it after the last big flood in 2007– this time, we installed it on a metal stand, a good 2 feet up from the floor. The flood waters came within ONE INCH of the furnace! But it’s OK. Oh thank God!

But everything else is gone: my woodwork, my power saws, my maple flooring that was stored down there, various car parts and toys and patio furniture…. I’m not too sad, it’s just stuff and we can replace it. I’m sad about my power saws, though. I am hoping my insurance covers them.

So we have no hot water until we get a new tank. Looks like the insurance may not roll in a check until next week. I’ve convinced my husband that we can install it ourselves. šŸ™‚ The need for hot water is a great motivator. šŸ˜€

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3 Responses to “We Interrupt Our Normal Broadcast…”

  1. karen Says:

    Oh my goodness! Hugs for you.

  2. Marg Says:

    That is a big mess. Sure hope you can collect insurance on all that. That is really too bad that that happened. Good luck. Take care.

  3. Immomsdaughter Says:

    Sorry I’m a little late catching up with blog hopping. Hope all is back to normal by now. Take care dearie.