Those Moldy Oldie Appliances

April 8, 2011


Would you believe that some folks are still hanging on to their old appliances? There’s a huge Internet market for repair parts and manuals for older appliances. It sure surprised me! I thought that those old fridges from I Love Lucy and Hazel and even The Brady Bunch had cluttered landfills eons ago. Nope. Some folks still have their old ice boxes and washing tubs!

My fridge is about… maybe 8 years old now. Before then, our fridge was an old “pick me up” from the curb (some neighbors had dumped theirs out there, but we spotted it and brought it in).

Old fridges had colors, too! Why are new fridges so boring?

It was one of those nice bottom-freezer kinds. Oh, those are so convenient! But YOW they are expensive, brand new. I don’t know how old that pick-me-up fridge was. Pretty old. When it ran, it ran well. But something happened (to the motor, maybe? can’t remember), and we decided to get a new one. Unfortunately, the brand new one is not nearly as good as the old clunker. Oh, it has more space inside, and the shelves are fancy glass instead of metal rungs… but the seal is lousy and the design of the door is poor.I had high expectations, since the new one was, well, NEW, and it was about $700 more expensive than the old one we’d had!

Do you have old appliances, still? Do you think the old ones work better than the new ones?

I have a clothes dryer that, after 18 years, is not very efficient anymore. But we have a very old TV that works fine; all my old computers work fine. And refrigerators work fine, too, as long as you keep the coolant level and the motor oiled.

Every once in a while, I like to surf the retail stores or the web and see what new gadgets they are adding to appliances. Honestly, the basic design of the refrigerator, stove, etc, hasn’t changed much in many years. The only thing manufacturers are doing is adding electronic panels to them, to appeal to Digital Women who want to check email, watch the weather AND chop the veggies at the same time.

OH my goodness, I just had a great idea– incorporate a small TV or computer monitor into the side or door of the fridge! Wouldn’t that be a space saver?! I’m sure the geeks could figure out a way to rig up a monitor. šŸ™‚ I think it’s a cool idea.

Anyway, when it comes to appliances, I’m not a fan of the massively gadgetized electronics. I’m rough on my washer and dryer and fridge– they are my work horses. The last thing I want is delicate circuitry in them to break down all the time.

Do you have a fancy appliance? Do you think it works well? If you had your choice, would you rather have a new appliance or a retro kind?

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2 Responses to “Those Moldy Oldie Appliances”

  1. Mike Golch Says:

    No I do not have any fancy bells and wistles appliances.There to darn expensive.

  2. Pam Says:

    We don’t have anything fancy, but our fridge does have the bottom freezer…when it goes, I’m going with another bottom freezer but the next one will have the drawer instead of the door.