Evil Deer, the Continuing Saga

April 27, 2011


My arborvitae are dead, me thinks. The deer had them for dinner over the winter, all 8 of them. $200 down the drain. šŸ™

Speaking of deer, they are absolutely fearless. I saw them out in my backyard, munching grass. I was a little fearful that they’d devour my new little willow tree back there, so I went to see if they’d done any damage.

SOMEBODY in the area has been feeding them, domesticating them. Because as I drew nearer and nearer, they were not afraid. At one point, they started to bolt, but when I talked soothingly, they were willing to come right up to me. Oh, great.



I live in a town, on a busy street. Deer are a growing problem, not only to us gardeners and the pets (deer spread Lyme disease through the scads of deer ticks they drop in our lawns), but cars hit them when the deer jump out into the roads. These deer were so docile that I could tell they were being domesticated, somehow. Not good. They should be driven out into their natural habitat, the forests in the back.

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2 Responses to “Evil Deer, the Continuing Saga”

  1. lin Says:

    You may have to scare them away–to protect them. Why do humans do that? What are they thinking? We don’t even keep our frogs as pets because people are idiots and you never know who is going to harm them. Ugh. Gees, don’t get me on my soapbox.

    Sorry about your plants. šŸ™ Bummer

  2. Marg Says:

    Those deers are really cute. IT is too bad that someone would feed them. At least take them back in the woods and feed them. They are probably getting used to being around people in general since they are hanging out in everyone’s yards. Maybe there ins’t anything much to eat since they are in a built up location. Still think you should fence in your yard and get a dog. Take care.