The Kitty Finders

March 15, 2011

Find the Kitty, smart fixes

Oh yeah, Find the Kitty. I left you in terrible suspense on Friday, didn’t I? Haha! Lin just can’t contain herself– WHERE’S Livvy? Were your guesses correct?!?!

Sorry if I haven’t been around. Since I got some new wheels, I’ve been zipping around town with my newfound FREEDOM, baby! Booyah!!! We have a travel vehicle once again! I think it would be SO cool. I actually will be getting some New York Traveler t-shirts for us to wear when we visit museums and such. šŸ˜€

OK OK enough teasing. šŸ˜€ Here’s the original photo of Livvy.


She’s hiding here. Under the island.


Please excuse the dust bunnies. They are taking over the house. :-p


She literally SQUEEZED under the island. It was funny watching her. I only had a split second to snap a photo with the cell phone, so that’s why it’s a little blurry.

So you guys were RIGHT!!!!! You’re all professional kitty finders, you are!

When it comes to getting promo stuff, I REALLY ought to market the cat. I think she’s more popular on the Internet than I am. :-p

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5 Responses to “The Kitty Finders”

  1. Spunky Doodle Says:

    Of course the cat is more popular than you are! We are just all so cute and with attitude too! Great hiding place!

  2. blueyes Says:

    Oh come on everybody knows animals are more popular to us lowly humans lol

  3. Marg Says:

    You guessed it, the cats run the world and are much more popular than us humans. Glad you got a new car. Sounds exciting. Take care.

  4. lin Says:

    Whew! Now I can sleep again. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the follow-up!

  5. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    Lin– heehee. I live to serve. *bows*