Incandescent vs. CFLs

March 28, 2011

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In 2012, sales of incandescent light bulbs in New York State will be illegal. The bulbs nominated to fill the void: Compact Fluorescent Lights, or CFLs. The government’s Energy Star website says that CFL bulbs use “75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and lasts up to 10 times longer.”

Honestly, I’ve been using CFL bulbs for certain rooms, and I haven’t seen any big difference between them an incandescent bulbs; CFLs may last a LITTLE longer than incandescent, but NO WAY not 10 times longer. Maybe 1.5 times. As a matter of fact, I filled my living room chandelier with CFL bulbs in December, and already one has blown. :-p These suckers are pricey, too. No one ever says that they COST 20 times more than incandescent. If you know of a website that offers some statistics, I’m curious.

Anyway, I’m mainly against CFLs because they contain mercury, one of the most toxic neurotoxins known to man. Currently, there is no system for disposal of the bulbs that we will all be forced to use. Oh, there are a whopping total of THREE recycling centers in New York State (all near Albany) that accept CFLs from residents only (at the time of this writing, to my knowledge). But what are homeowners to do with burned-out CFLs? Throw them in the trash for the landfills? Imagine all the mercury polluting the environment, seeping into the water system. Ugh.

Some experts recommend that we save all our CFLs until the state figures out how to dispose of them all.

Uh, hello? We are supposed to stash old bulbs in bags under our beds until you guys figure out what to do with them?! You mean you didn’t have this all planned out BEFORE you passed such a law?

*rolls eyes*

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

How about you? Is your state regulating CFLs? Do you see a noticeable difference between them and the incandescents?

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8 Responses to “Incandescent vs. CFLs”

  1. Mountain Woman Says:

    Saw your comment on Karen’s blog about being a little down and decided to visit. Don’t know about Vermont’s regulations but I assume they want us to use CFLs. I’m switching to candle light and no CFLs for me. Too dangerous if they break.

  2. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    Candle light! Oh that sounds marvelous. Now that the kids are older, this may be a viable option. I’d have to make my own candles, though, the store-bought are so expensive. We’ll be making our own teas from plants this year… I long to be more self-sufficient. I once lived on a mountain in the Catskills where we tried to live off the land. It was a wonderful experience.

    Thanks so much for your comment and tenderhearted consideration. šŸ™‚ My husband and I were hoping he’d get a full-time position but he didn’t… oh well. At least he is home with the kids, some children don’t have such a wonderful opportunity.

    Thanks for your comment. šŸ™‚ Have a blessed week!

  3. blueyes Says:

    come on down for a visit, we make our own incandescent bulbs and they are trying to pass a law that we can stamp made in SC on our so they can be made and sold here without the government butting in. the only reason i dont buy the CFL ones are because they are so expensive, don’t see the point

  4. lin Says:

    I’m trying to figure out how long these are going to be “law” until they deem them dangerous. From what I understand, there are Hazmat instructions should you drop and break one of these bad boys in your home. That’s scary, isn’t it? And who knows how to deal with these things???

    I’m dreading having to use them.

  5. Rena Says:

    I don’t like CFL bulbs either. I agree that they do not last a lot longer than the regular bulbs. I was at a friend’s house when one of her CFL bulbs fell on the floor and all this smoke came out of it. I ran right out of the room.

    I am going to have to stock up on the regular bulbs before this stupid law goes into effect!!

  6. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    Blueyes, SC makes their own light bulbs?!! That is so cool! I would definitely buy them. Gotta love the South for their independence. All of the Northeast is a federal slave.

  7. evan Says:

    There’s less mercury in a CFL bulb than there is in a packet of Tuna.