The Stainless Steel Everything Store

November 8, 2010


Whoa. I thought I had seen it all. When I think of “stainless steel,” the kitchen sink comes to mind. And maybe silverware. But this store, The Stainless Steel Store, has EVERYTHING. Even the website is designed like stainless steel!

Although I don’t like stainless steel because it is rather cold-looking and uncolorful, I like stainless steel because it is more sanitary than plastic or wood. Stainless steel is not porous, which means that it doesn’t harbor germs in microscopic crevices like plastic and wood. And the reason they call is “stainless” is because the metal is an alloy with a composition less likely to rust. So you can disinfect it easier. So I like some things in my kitchen to be stainless steel– I like the refrigerator doors to be stainless; stoves look terrific in stainless steel; my favorite “silverware” cooking utensils are stainless steel.

But this store has a TON of stainless steel stuff. It’s neat!

This is a flexible trivet. So cool!

I especially like the flexible trivet– just what we need to protect our new countertops. The site has, amongst a million other unique things, teacups and saucers, coffee measuring spoons, tape measures, coat hooks, staplers, pencil cups, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, etc. Just tons of stuff, some for everyday and some for quirky things. Since the holiday season is coming up, you may want to check it out.

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