The Mudroom Problem

November 1, 2010

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Now that we are in the dregs of autumn, I see how desperately we need a mudroom. I realize that not all of you are from the Northeast– a mudroom is a vestibule or back room where you dump your coats and shoes and other outdoor items (such as umbrellas) before entering the main house. With six of us, plus two dogs and three cats, there’s a LOT of mud. :S I’ve never really had a mudroom here.

Our "mudroom" is just a small corner by the laundry room. I am ALWAYS cleaning it up.

I did not want to use up precious space in the kitchen to make one, either. I figure I will eventually rebuild the decaying back stoop into a small mudroom, next year, hopefully. It will be unheated, but it’s better than nothing. The space is very small, only about 5 feet by 5 feet, so storage will be premium real estate. I’m currently looking at our habits, and looking into our needs, so that when the time comes to build the thing, I’ll know what to do.

One very good idea for a mudroom is lockers. Yes, those old school lockers. They are perfect for storing tons of stuff: gloves, hats, coats, umbrellas, sports gear, maps, everything! What a phenomenal idea! It’s difficult to find lockers locally (WalMart does not sell them!) unless you know that some school is selling them or giving them away. And how often does that happen? They have a nice selection. Besides the typical metal vented lockers (that I would find rather tacky in a residence), they have some very elegant wood ones, and some cool-looking European-style kinds. The prices aren’t too bad (typical furniture pricing for the wood lockers), but the selection is outstanding and the store allows you to buy large units or single lockers. So it’s a nice choice.

Coat hangers are another necessity. I can’t believe how many coats we have “hanging” around! For everyone, there is at least a spring/fall jacket, a nice winter coat, and a work winter coat. Plus we girls have sweaters and etc. That’s quite a number of coats. :S I need to find some way to organize things better. Because right now, my small hooks in the kitchen are buried with coats.

Anyway, organization and storage is a MUST for the mudroom. I’ll be doing some research over the winter, and by spring I’ll see what I’ve got (just in time for the mud season).

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4 Responses to “The Mudroom Problem”

  1. blueyes Says:

    actually thats what my kitchen tables for but I trapse through the house to get to it first lol

  2. Lin Says:

    We all come through our garage, which is sort of a mudroom for us. We have a small house, so no official “mudroom” for us either.

  3. Marg Says:

    My whole house is a mud room. With all the animals here, and the size of the house, that is all I can do. Hope you can figure that out since you house is in such good shape now. Take care and have a great Tues.