Finding Inexpensive Kitchen Furniture

November 14, 2010

kitchen, smart fixes

I’m trying to complete a few finishing touches for the kitchen yet. I’ve been (slowly) building a small phone and organzation station on one side of the kitchen, using cabinets I got at a discount. I need shelves to hang on the wall in the corner, and really don’t have time to make them myself. I found the perfect shelf– a kitchen cabinet end shelf, with rounded shelves– in the discount bin at the home improvement store. But it was $182!! ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO dollars! For a little shelf 2 feet high! I was flabbergasted. What IS it about kitchen furniture that makes it SO expensive?

Another thing is finding affordable plate racks. My cabinets were very inexpensive (as far as cabinets go), but the accessories for the cabinets is excruciatingly expensive. Why do cabinet companies charge extortion-like prices for a matching hunk of wood? The glass rack that my cabinet store is selling is $130!! Why so high?

Well, enter the Internet! What a difference!Free shipping, too! No traffic, no long lines, no hunting through the discount bin… gotta love the Internet.

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