Find the Kitty Friday: The Couch Monster

November 19, 2010

Find the Kitty

Livvy didn’t feel like hiding this week. She wanted to play The Couch Monster. Does your cat play The Couch Monster? Livvy is convinced that there’s a monster in the cushions. She’s always digging for him, wanting him to play.






She’s such a skinny little kitty. Well, she’s two years old now… she’s a big girl, but too skinny (in my opinion). I’m used to the big butterball tabby cat, the kind that make you wince. Livvy is too thin. I keep the house rather cool in the winter, so I am concerned about her. I know that the Siamese breeds are slender by nature, but she’s got some tabby in her, too. Not that I can find any… except for when she plays The Couch Monster. She can’t go outside to hunt rodents, so she takes out her frustrations on the couch. lol.

One Response to “Find the Kitty Friday: The Couch Monster”

  1. Marg Says:

    She doesn’t look too skinny to me. She sure is having fun with those couch monsters. She really is a pretty color.
    How is your other kitty doing that you asked me about???