Find the Kitty Friday… 11/12

November 13, 2010

autumn, Find the Kitty

Sorry I’m late with this one! Where could she be?

FTKColorful Blanket

I love this photo. I usually take such “industrious” photos, and not very arty. But this one I like. Maybe it’s because of the color, or perhaps it’s the crystal-clear foreground and slightly hazy background. It looks so arty! I actually shot a nice photo!

It’s getting colder and colder now, here in Upstate New York– however, with temperatures in the mid-50s during the day, it’s actually unseasonable warm for this time of year. I am mostly comfortable with these temperatures, so I like this weather. It’s dry, it’s clear, it’s invigorating!

But we still have no heat downstairs. :O The Hubs has been too busy with work to do anything. And so have I. .. I love writing and blogging, but I can’t put all my eggs in one basket; I need to diversify. I figure I should work for a good year or so to pay off this kitchen; once that’s done, I’ll start the new project (garage and bedrooms renovations). Then, the house will be completed, Lord willing, and I can restore the exterior of the house and build some nice gardens. Here’s hoping I can get all this done before I turn 50….

I’m chatty today, aren’t I? It’s quiet in the house. The sun is mellowly shining with late autumn sunbeams, the kids are huddled in blankets doing homework. Livvy is curled up by my side. It’s a nice day, conducive to relaxing chat.

How is your season turning out? Have you completed your fall chores and are you ready for winter?

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One Response to “Find the Kitty Friday… 11/12”

  1. vanilla Says:

    I like your photo, too. Nice.
    I would have more fall chores done if fall weren’t running so late. The leaves aren’t even down yet. But I am enjoying the mid-November 70s. I am not a winter kind of person; so being ready for winter is being in South Texas!