October 5, 2010


I had very few garden updates this year. No wonder:



Egads, YES, that is my garden. We DID plant a vegetable garden this year… not that you can tell, hahah! In there somewhere are cucumbers (probably moldy from the torrential rains we’ve had) and red cabbage. The crops were poor, for the first time since I’ve had a garden. I’m not quite sure why, actually; the seeds were “OK,” but not all sprouted. And the rains were horrific this spring. We did keep the garden weeded now and then… but since August, we haven’t had the time to yank up our breeches and delve into the dirt. Such is neglect. My poor, poor gardens…

I had taken such careful attention for all my gardens in years past; to see this one in such great disrepair is a little disheartening. It’s filled with tares, burdock, and sorrel, as well as some kind of wacky wild geranium plant that has taproots to Hades. It will NOT be fun excavating this next year.



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